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Fireworks for Discount With Our Impeccable Quality

We’re committed to quality, scouring the globe to source manufacturers of the highest cut. With 60-90 new products added every year, there’s always something new — and always something on sale! Check out how much our customers love our fireworks.

Whether it’s our designed-in-the-USA Red Apple Fireworks brand, or one of your other favorites, you’ll find exciting pyrotechnics at low prices. We ship to your door, and we’re always here to make sure your show goes off without a hitch — just tap our expert pyro support team or Help Center. Get these fireworks on sale — before they’re all gone!

How can we offer fireworks on sale with such high quality?

Our philosophy is that more is better. That's why we offer all of our fireworks by the case. Not only do you get more, but you pay less per unit. We also partner with quality and discount shipping carriers, so you don't spend a fortune on shipping. We want to share the magic and deep love of fireworks with everyone.

Our family-owned business has been lighting up the night skies with spectacular displays since 1979. We've got this down pat and our customers come back year-] after year for more fireworks. We offer unique designs, nostalgic favorites, and overall high quality fireworks at affordable prices thanks to our decades of industry know-how, connections, and expertise.

How do I get the best deal on fireworks?

Shop here at Red Apple! We offer case-pricing which means you get the best price per unit. Plus we ship with affordable carriers, so you don't pay a fortune.

And when already low-price fireworks go on sale, you’re sure to score an explosive deal.

Is it legal to buy fireworks online?

Absolutely! We sell consumer-grade fireworks and can ship to most states (check our shipping page for more info).

Of course, you’ll need to refer to your local state, county, and/or city laws and regulations for information and guidelines on lighting off fireworks in your area.

Are fireworks cheaper after the Fourth of July?

A lot of companies discount their prices right after the Fourth of July— but we offer affordable pricing on fireworks all year long. When you buy from Red Apple, you get high-quality consumer fireworks at amazing prices, and you get both of those every day of the year.

That said, be sure to come back after the Fourth to find even further markdowns on your favorite fireworks!

Are discount fireworks any different from regular-priced fireworks?

In most cases, there is no difference. That of course depends on the manufacturer and the firework, but when comparing apples to apples, they are pretty much the same. At Red Apple, we set low prices because we sell by the case, so you are getting a volume discount. That means the price per unit is often cheaper than if you were to buy them one at a time.

The fireworks on sale you find here are of the same high quality — we’re just marking them down to make space for new arrivals!

What is the best strategy for buying fireworks?

Buy early, buy lots, and buy your favorites. Save the last-minute flash sales for items you need to fill in the gaps. You don’t want to miss out on essential stock by waiting for the price to drop, especially when it’s already so low.

Overstock and sale timing can be unpredictable, so be sure to check back on this page often to snatch your favorites when they hit the discount rack!