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Fountain Fireworks Take Any event to the Next Level

Whether it’s your first time purchasing fountains, or you are a fountain firework fanatic, Red Apple Fireworks is your go-to destination. These ground effect fireworks stay in place while they spew smoke and sparks into the air — truly a “fountain” of pyrotechnics. From luscious reds to gorgeous greens, deep blues, punky purples, and happy oranges, we have every color of the rainbow available. Watch dazzling displays decorate the air like a stunning painting of light! Sparks will fly with exciting crackles, fizzles, and pops to match. It’s an experience unlike any other!

The best part about our fountains? There’s a few — we sell in bulk (like your favorite warehouse club, without the annual fee) so you get more boom for your buck, we source the best pyrotechnics from around the world, we ship to your door, and we’re got a crew of peppy pyros behind the scenes to help, guide, and inspire your entire fireworks show. You don’t keep customers like these by being average!

What are fountain fireworks?

Fountain fireworks, also known as a gerb, come in a cone or tube-shaped package. They sit on the ground and, when lit, (instead of shooting high up into the sky) spew upward a fountain of firework magic. Common in backyard celebrations and community events, fountain fireworks are a low-key (relatively speaking) way to inject some pyro fun into your party. Kids are big fans, too!

Like the jet of a rocket pointing skyward, fountain fireworks spray shimmering colors, vibrant smoke, crackling sounds, and bright sparks. They last for a minute or so, and the fountain typically shoots less than 15 feet into the air.

We sell standard, large, and handheld fountain fireworks in a never-ending combo of brands, effects, and colors.

How much do fountain fireworks cost?

Fountains are an affordable way to put on a great show — and we make it more affordable by selling by the case for major per-unit savings. Varying in size, duration, effects, and more, fountain fireworks by the case range from about $50 to $250+.

Are fountains considered fireworks?

You bet! Fountain fireworks are the smaller, quieter cousins of larger fireworks. Some whistle, some crackle, and others spray colorful bursts like shining beacons into the night. Others are designed to be much louder (or even silent)! Just as with any other fireworks, check with the local regulations in your area first to know how and where to celebrate responsibly and safely with fountain fireworks.

What types of fountain fireworks are there?

We carry standard, large, and handheld fountain fireworks. Handheld fountains, as the name suggests, are sort of like sparklers for the grown-ups!

What are the best fountain fireworks?

While we’re partial to our in-house brand, Red Apple Fireworks, we’re also major fans of everything we have in stock — so go ahead and trust our customers and sort by Most Popular or Highest Rated. And if you want the latest-and-greatest, check out what’s new!

How to stay safe when using fountain fireworks

It’s easy for you and your family to have a fun and safe evening with fountain fireworks. Wear safety glasses and gloves when you set up. Follow all the package directions. Set the fountains in an open area on a hard and flat surface. Have a water source or fire extinguisher nearby. When it’s time to light, use an extended lighter. It’s a good idea to turn on a flashlight too, so you can see better at night. Once the fuse is lit, back away at least 20 feet. Then, enjoy the sparkling show!