Reloadable Shell Kits

Reloadable Shell Kits

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Get Your Mortar Fireworks — but Don’t Stop There!

Red Apple Fireworks is your trusted source for mortar fireworks — and anything else your pyro heart desires. And since we sell in bulk by the case, you get major savings. We can even ship fireworks right to your door! Mortar fireworks are some of our favorite - they launch from a cannon-like small tube, charging straight up into the air and exploding with a loud burst of shimmering sparks, shapes, and colors. Check out how our customers use them for unforgettable displays.

We travel the world to source quality products from the best manufacturers, and even develop our own exclusive lines that capture the fun, nostalgic experience. And when you have questions, we’re here for you, just reach out to our customer care team or head to the Help Center.

Ready to light up the sky?

What are mortar fireworks?

The mortar is the tube that the shell is placed into. The tube is used to fire different types of airborne devices into the air. Mortar fireworks come in different sizes and different types.

Like a modern-day cannon, simply drop the shell into the tube and light the fuse. Go one at a time, or stand up multiple mortar tubes in a row, fuses strung together, for a professional-quality performance.

Mortar style fireworks add that special pizzazz to any show or display you want to create for an exceptional evening of fun and entertainment with your friends and family.

What are reloadable shell kits?

Mortar fireworks, reloadable shell kits — po-tay-to, po-tah-to. Reloadable shell kits contain a set of mortar fireworks and a tube that can be loaded and reloaded with the fireworks packaged in the set. Usually, there are six or more shells, and each has a long fuse that extends over the top of the reloadable tube.

Each of the reloadable shell kits comes with at least one tube that can be reloaded with the mortar fireworks that came in the package. The tube comes in different materials such as cardboard, plastic, or even fiberglass.

The shell (or mortar fireworks) is placed into the mortar tube that is in the reloadable shell kits. It has a long fuse which when ignited, sets off a black powder charge that propels the mortar fireworks over a hundred feet into the sky.

When it blasts, it puts on an impressive display. Different types of mortar fireworks create different kinds of displays. Some are sparkly, some have a host of different colors, and others produce the classic shapes usually seen at fireworks displays.

Why choose mortar fireworks/reloadable shell kits?

Mortar fireworks guarantee the sonic boom essential to any fireworks show. The colors and effects are endless — simply purchase a selection of mortar fireworks and customize your sequence to create a one-of-a-kind show.

Choose from loud or very loud mortars, and display levels at all highest — low, medium, and high. A range of effects are available, as are standard 6-inch shells and professional-grade 5-inch shells.

How do I stay safe while using mortar fireworks/reloadable shell kits?

How do I stay safe while using mortar fireworks/reloadable shell kits?

  • Scope out the area outside your location for a large, clear, and open space. A large, open, grassy outdoor area works well. Look up, too — avoid trees and power lines.
  • Place your launch tubes on a steady, stable, level surface such as bricks or wood planks. Mortars should launch straight up, not to any side!
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves to protect your eyes, face, and hands. Earplugs are also recommended.
  • Keep mortar fireworks in their original packaging until it’s time to use them. Do not break up.
  • Do not mix different fireworks with different tubes — keep your kits together.
  • After firing a mortar fireworks, count out at least 45 seconds before you load the next mortar fireworks into the tube.
  • Make sure you shake out any loose debris from inside the tubing in between shots for the mortar fireworks, and before loading it again.
  • In between firing the mortar fireworks and reloadable shell kits, check the support you are using to steady the mortar fireworks to make sure it is still sturdy.
  • If the mortar fireworks did not light up the first time, do not use it again. Soak it in water and put it in the trash!
  • Many people light the mortar fireworks outside of the tube. This is a huge no-no! Make sure you place the mortar fireworks inside of the tube. Bend the fuse slightly at the top to hook it outside the tube.
  • Use a flashlight at night so you can clearly see the fuse.
  • Once you light the fuse you will want to run in the opposite direction, clear of the launch zone.
  • Follow all of the written directions that came with the mortar fireworks and reloadable shell kits.