Top 10 Aerials To Buy with Mike!

Top 10 Aerials To Buy with Mike!

Red Apple Fireworks' main store is located in Pahrump, Nevada, and they have recently announced their Top 10 Aerials! 

Pyroboss, Mike, showcases and discusses why each aerial on this list is sure to bring The Boom™ at your next celebration! These aerials range in size and type, but all promise to not only make for a dazzling and unforgettable fireworks display but will most definitely rock your block!

Coming in at number 10 is the Sushi Box 64-Shot Standard Aerial Finale Set. It consists of four assorted aerials with various colors and effects, despite their size, they promise an action-packed, in-your-face, performance.

Next up is the Moons 72-Shot Large Aerial Finale Set. This set includes six different aerials, with 12 shots each. The 1.2-inch tube calibers make these aerials some of the loudest and most exciting in Red Apple's lineup.

Eighth on the list is The Fans 100-shot XL Aerial Finale Set, one of the most action-packed, in-your-face sets in the entire lineup. It is made up of four, 25-shot fan-shaped XL aerials, and contains almost every effect imaginable. This set promises to add some serious firepower and serious noise to any celebration.

Seventh is the Dia De Los Muertos 100-shot XL Aerial Finale Set from the Calavera lineup. It includes two 50-shot aerials, El Paraíso, and El Infierno, and has three different tube calibers, 0.8 inches, 1 inch, and 1.2 inches. This means that each aerial is packed full of a ton of different effects, insuring that the Dia De Los Muertos is the most effect-heavy aerial in the Red Apple lineup.

Sixth on the list is the Giant Show 70-shot XL Aerial. This set has up to 60 seconds of performance time, with two different display levels, mid, and high. The set features beautiful colors and effects, including brocade crowns, comets, and barrage-style shots.

Fifth on the list is the Kush Case 48-Shot Two-Inch Shell Cake Finale Set. This set is unique in that the piece inside the tube that launches into the air is a handmade curated shell that gives you a beautiful show. There are four different shell cakes in the set, Dream, Kush, Haze, and Diesel, each with 12 shots and two-inch tubes. This set is one of the most highest-breaking, biggest-breaking, and loudest finale sets in the entire Red Apple catalog.

Fourth on the list is the Death Blossom Three-Inch Large Shell Cake. This set consists of large shell cakes, which are physically some of the largest items in the entire lineup but that's not all, when it breaks in the sky, it is one of the largest breaking fireworks that Red Apple has ever had.

Third on the list is the Galaxies 100 Shot XL Aerial Finale Set. This set consists of four different XL aerials, 25 shots per aerial, totaling 100 shots. This impressive set features tons of different in-your-face effects and super bright neon colors, providing a stunning and memorable finale to any fireworks display. Plus, the 1.2-inch tube caliber shell means that this set is for-sure rattling some windows.

Second on the list is the Wavelength, a 148-shot Compound Cake. The Wavelength is made up of two 74-shot Barrage Finales, meaning you get double the excitement with just one purchase. The unique thing about this item is that the individual Barrage Finales inside only make up half of the whole performance. When you fuse them together, you get one full panoramic display that will light up the sky in a way that your guests won't forget. Packed with unique effects and super bright neon colors, Wavelength is a must-have for your next celebration.

Coming in at number one on the list is the most Lit-AF 135-Shot XL Aerial Finale Set. This set is made up of three assorted aerials, 45 shots each, totaling 135 shots. Each aerial in the set is fan-shaped giving you a beautiful, sky-full, panoramic effect. With its one-inch tube caliber and up to 60 seconds of performance time, the Lit-AF Finale Set is one of the longest and most patriotic finale sets in stock at Red Apple Fireworks.

Overall, Red Apple Fireworks' Top 10 Aerials are a diverse range of fireworks that promise to provide an unforgettable display. Each set has its own unique and mind-blowing features, but they all deliver on being loud, explosive, and beautiful. Fireworks are always a fun way to celebrate any occasion, and these sets offer a fantastic way to make the celebration even more special.

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