What's up, #PyroSquad™?! Mike here from Red Apple® Fireworks & today we are answering one of the most common questions that you've got for us and that is: What are the LOUDEST fireworks that you've go t?! In this exhilarating video, Mike will showcase a variety of pyrotechnic marvels that are sure to leave your ears ringing. From booming Roman Candles to spectacular XL® Aerials, get ready to experience thunderous explosions and breathtaking displays with some of the loudest fireworks for sale today! Join us as we count down the loudest fireworks in our arsenal!


We're starting off the list right here with these Turbo™ 5 shot XL® Roman candles. Now, you might be asking yourself, "Mike are you really starting off your top 10 list of loudest fireworks with Roman candles?!" and the answer is YES! These 29 inch Roman candles are absolutely boomtastic. They are some of the loudest candles I've ever heard in my entire life and I just couldn't do this top 10 list without showing them to you first!


Check out the massive and totally awesome High Rise™ 35 shot XL® Aerial. This XL® Aerial actually has four different tube sizes which means four different levels of volume including a massive two inch finale, so let's check it out.

#8 - MOONS™

Here is the Moons™ 72 shot Large Aerial Finale Set® featuring six assorted Aerials. Each aerial in this set has 12 shots and this thing is so loud! But what makes it even louder is when you take all six of them and you light them up together. It's just so beautiful! Let's check 'em out.

#7 - BOMB BOX™

Next up we're taking a look at the custom Bomb Box™ 144 shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®. so not only is this set super loud but it's got a super high shot count and the four assorted Aerials you get are Atomic Bomb™, Fusion Bomb™, Seismic Bomb™ & Gamma Bomb™.


Number six is one of those Finale Sets® when a customer asks me around the 4th of July what they should get if they should only get one thing... I always say it's the Outbreak™ 51 shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®. Outbreak™ brings the boom with 2 assorted aerials that are loaded with super bright colors, strobing glittering an of course, LOTSA BOOMS! it's absolutely incredibly loud breaks that fill up the sky!


Number 5 is General Rossington's favorite XL® Aerial, the Infinity Box™ 56 shot XL® Aerial. Not only does this XL® aerial have a super high shot count at 56 shots but it lasts for over 100 seconds and believe it or not this is a shell cake™ that means that the piece that goes up in the air is hand constructed & really makes a boom.


The Geisha™ 6" XXL™ Canister Shells are some some of our biggest breaking and longest lasting canister shells in the entire Red Apple® lineup, but the boom that you get when it explodes in the sky is absolutely stunning. The super unique and long lasting Platinum® Willow & Crystal Crown effects will quickly make these shells your favorite.


When it comes to XL® Aerials, the lower the shot count, the boomier each break is! And you're gonna get a ton of BOOMS out of the Sunflower Bomb™ 2" Shell Cake™ Finale Set®! With these 9 shot Shell Cakes™, that's exactly when you're gonna get! These cakes have 2" tube calibers which is the second largest tube that I can give to you. Bright colors and gigantic effects like Willows and Brocade Crowns fill up the sky but most importantly explode with some beautifully loud amazing BOOMS.


Number 2 on our top 10 loudest fireworks are these Bombas De La Muerte™ 6" XXL™ Canister Shells! Now they may be number two on this list but they are number one on my list of favorite canister shells because they are packed with extremely bright beautiful neon colors and 24 assorted effects including neon Dalias, huge breaking Platinum® Willows, and lower level effects like mines and tails. The volume of the boom that you're gonna hear will for sure rattle some windows and maybe set off a car alarm or two so I hope your neighbors don't get too upset!

#1 - SWORDS™

We've reached number one! I'm capping off this top 10 loudest fireworks with this incredibly amazing, totally awesome & ridiculously loud Swords™ 136 shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®. This set of four XL Aerials has almost every color and every effect you could ever want in a firework & when you light all four of them together, sheeeesh! If there's anybody else lighting fireworks around you when you light these up, then they're gonna stop shooting fireworks walk over to you politely and apologize for even attempting to outshoot you because of how incredibly loud and beautiful this Finale Set® is!

Thanks for checking out my top 10 loudest fireworks and I hope they make their way into your next celebration! All of these super loud fireworks and our entire Red Apple® lineup are available online at and at all of our stores across the country!

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