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Red Apple Fireworks is your trusted supplier of best-in-class pyrotechnic extravaganza – all in one convenient site. We sell in bulk so you save big. And we ship fireworks directly to you! We’ve done the homework for you.

Our quality products come from the best manufacturers on the planet. Plus, our very own pyro team makes amazing Red Apple fireworks just for you, for that amazing WOW! factor. Got questions? Just reach out to our customer care team or jump over to the Help Center.

What are finale fireworks sets?

The best finale fireworks sets are found right here at Red Apple Fireworks. The finale is everyone’s favorite part of the fireworks show. So, we hunted down the best-in-show for you, packaging multi-shot aerial cake repeaters into a full-blown finale set. Mix it up and set them off one at a time, or string them together to fire them off all at once. These sets are easy for newbies and experienced shooters alike!

How long do fireworks shows usually last?

Most fireworks shows last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Some go up to 30 minutes! This is a good window of time to hold your audience’s attention and dazzle their evening. Keep up a good pace in setting the shells off to entertain and wow your crowd. It’s best not to stretch it out and make the show too slow — aim for a consistent flow of sparkles and explosions!

How long should a fireworks finale last?

The finale to a fireworks show typically lasts about 30-90 seconds, marking the end of the show with a consistently booming sky show. The key is to light off aerial fireworks one after another, so they almost seem to be chasing each other right up into the clouds!

Many pyros also choose to time their finale to music, adding another sensory layer to the event. You can also choose to add party favors like firecrackers, bundles of sparklers, or smoke bombs for an extra memento of an amazing evening of fun.

How should you setup a fireworks finale?

A little planning goes a long way. The payoff will be well worth it. Set up one or two rows of fireworks, so they are perpendicular to your guests. Smaller multi-shot fireworks are best positioned in the front. If your finale fireworks show is larger, then you can put the same items in the same order in each of the two rows.

Our finale fireworks sets make setup even easier. Simply choose your sets, line them up, and light a single fuse to spark a menagerie of fireworks one after the other.

Above all, be safe. Here are safety tips for using fireworks at home.

What are the loudest fireworks you can buy?

Firework finales are notoriously loud, with boom after boom. Our finale fireworks sets ensure an ear-pounding extravaganza fuse after fuse. Check each set’s details to see how loud it will be.

If you’re looking to add even more rumble to your show, consider our other products, too. Firecrackers are famous for setting off loud booms. We also have fireworks that are so loud you may find yourself looking overhead for that sonic jet. Check out our loud and clear fountains and crazy loud roman candles. How about a dozen fountains with up to 600 seconds of showtime!

What are the best finale fireworks?

The best fireworks for a finale are aerial cakes. They shoot high up into the sky to produce a kaleidoscope of special effects — zooing and glittering and popping in bursts of color above your audience. Aerials come as repeaters. It’s easy to see how they are crowd-pleasers. They hum, crackle and boom high into the sky with glam and endless color. From single shot tubes to multi-shots to racks stacked with the works! These are simply the best for staging your grand finale fireworks sensation!

What comes in the standard fireworks finale set?

The standard fireworks finale sets are the coolest creation ever! You get the whole show in a carton. Aerial cakes, each with 200 grams of pyrotechnic power. Set them off one at a time, or string them together. Blast off the show of your dreams. Dive into checking out our standard finale-fireworks-in-a-box. Get started here for standard sets!

What about large finale fireworks sets?

The large grand finale fireworks pack a bigger boom with combinations of aerial cakes from 48 to 296 shots in a set. You get 350 grams of pyro power in every shot.

For a truly superb fireworks finale, why not go all out with mega shots packed with a 500-gram blast? Set your sights higher! XL Aerial Finale Fireworks Sets have mega aerial repeaters preloaded into tubes. We have the biggest multi-shots around with 500 grams of mega thrill and power packed into each one. This show will blow you and your crowd away!

Your crowd-pleasing grand finale fireworks show happens with Red Apple Fireworks. Can’t decide where to start? Shop our most popular Shell Cake Aerial Finale Sets of all sizes right here.