Fireworks Samplers®

Fireworks Samplers®

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Pyro Like the Pros with Red Apple’s Fireworks Assortment Sampler Packs

The trusted name in family pack fireworks and any firework assortment you can imagine is Red Apple Fireworks. We work with the best manufacturers, and even design our own brand in the USA. You save big when you shop with us because we sell in bulk. And the best part? We ship fireworks directly to you.

Fireworks sampler packs — including Ground Effects assortments and Sky Show varieties — equip you with a mix of different aerials, mortars, barrages, and more in various sizes. We pack up to an hour’s worth of fireworks explosions into one pack, so you can light the fuse and enjoy a special show. It’s the pu pu platter for pyros!

Be sure to check out how much our customers love Red Apple Fireworks. And if you have any questions, head to the Help Center or reach out to our helpful pyro support team.

Now find your fireworks sampler — and get your party started!

Why buy fireworks samplers? Are firework assortments worth it?

Fireworks sampler packs are one of the best deals when buying fireworks online. Have confidence in your fireworks show — our pyro techies have these fireworks assortments all planned out for you. From calculating the timing out for your firework show to pairing the starter and finale fireworks — all in one case.

Fireworks samplers can contain anything from aerial cakes and missile barrages to shell kits, fountains, and roman candles. If you’re new to fireworks, you get to try out a little of this and a little of that. If this is not your first rodeo, but you’re pressed for time, you can pick up the family pack fireworks or sampler that best fits your needs with one click.

Firework assortments are worth the deal because the bundle costs a lot less than buying them individually!

How much does a box of fireworks cost?

We have some of the best fireworks deals on the planet! We sell in bulk so you get massive savings, similar to your favorite warehouse club. We have fireworks samplers that fit every budget, all available online and shipped to you. Plus, any fun-packed firework sampler you can imagine, with packs ranging from $100 to $699. So many combinations with extravagant fountains, aerial repeaters, spinners, and more. Don’t know where to start? Here are our most popular fireworks samplers.

What kind of firework assortments does Red Apple offer?

When it comes to firework assortments we have everything you need right here. For the big ground show, you’ll get it all with our Ground Effect Samplers. These variety packs have popular fountains, along with fun original creations and smoke works. Fantastic for families and outdoor gatherings, these ground effects variety packs offer a vivid show without disturbing the neighbors with sky-bound explosions.

To complete your show — or put it on for the whole neighborhood — add on the mind-blowing Sky Show Samplers for our best-seller combos of aerial cake shots. You’ll decorate the sky with incredible colors, sizzles, and sounds.

Our fireworks samplers come in all sizes, combinations, and lengths for your show up to 35+ fireworks and 3600 seconds — that’s an entire hour — of pyrotechnics.

What are the best fireworks to buy?

Red Apple Fireworks carries only the best firework assortments from around the world. We have reliable brand names plus we make a mighty fine Red Apple brand, too, right here in the U-S-of-A. A good place to start shopping our top-of-the-line family pack fireworks by browsing our highest rated fireworks samplers. These are rated by our customers, and they’re a big hit for any at-home party or local pyro show!

How do I stay safe when using fireworks samplers?

Here are safety tips that fill your night with fun and keep it safe.

  • Always keep the fireworks in the container they came in until you are ready to fire them off
  • Follow the directions on the package
  • Do not break open fireworks’ casings
  • Launch from a steady surface in a wide, open outdoor area away from flammable materials
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves
  • Keep the audience at least 30 feet away from the launch pad