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The Best Fireworks for Any Occasion

Planning your anniversary? The big 4-0, sweet 16, or any other fun surprise? Red Apple Fireworks’ online fireworks store has what you need to plan the best gathering for reunions, weddings, holiday fun, July 4th, and so much more!

Not sure what to choose? Check out fan favorites like aerials, canister shells, samplers, roman candles, fountains, awe-inspiring finale sets — however you want to set off the night, find it in our online fireworks store. And we can ship right to your door!

Check out how our customers are celebrating. And if you need help, our pyro-savants are standing by to assist.

What Can You Find in The Red Apple Online Fireworks Store?

Red Apple Fireworks has the coolest assortment of fireworks to help you get the party started. You can create your own special show for any occasion. Check out one-of-a-kind fireworks that you can only find here, or go with the classics. We sell in bulk, by the case, to pass savings on to you!

Aerial Repeaters (Cakes): The most recognizable of fireworks, aerials soar up high into the sky and explode into a plethora of sparkles and colors. If you’re looking for a classic, nostalgic experience — start here.

Reloadable Canister Shells (Mortars): Line up your canisters, drop in the mortars, light the fuses — and sit back and enjoy the show. Our kits have everything you need, and our exciting new designs are sure to impress your friends.

Aerial Finale Sets: Looking for a fireworks show-in-a-box? Our curated finale sets are great for both beginners and veteran pyros. We select an awesome arrangement of fireworks to give you that jaw-dropping finale you dream of.

Fountains (Ground Effects): Designed for both nighttime and daylight shows, ground fountains add another dimension to your pyrotechnics display. Wow the crowd and light up the scene with a glorious cascade of colorful sparks.

Roman Candles: Fireballs, glittering stars, flashing colors — roman candles can do it all! Unleash the pyro nostalgia on the next generation. Line ‘em up for the most glorious of fireworks salutes!

Fireworks Samplers, Bundles, and Assortments: Just can’t decide? Let our expert pyros do the work for you — check out these pre-selected assortments and get the party started ASAP!

Fireworks on Sale: Looking to score a deal? Our selection of on-sale fireworks offer major discounts so you can add even more to your show. Don’t hesitate — these go quickly!

Tips for Purchasing Fireworks Online — and Keeping it Legal

We take pride in the innovation, boldness, quality, safety, and legality of the fireworks we sell.

Consumer fireworks are regulated by federal law. To be certified as fireworks the products are tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to be sure they meet standards. The criteria include the following:

  • Configuration of the product
  • How much pyrotechnic material is used in the firework product
  • How the product performs in stress and heat

After the Consumer Product Safety Commission tests the product and it has passed the tests, then they are classed as consumer fireworks and it is legal for consumers to use them.

This is different from the fireworks used for commercial display. In the case of commercial fireworks, a federal license is bought to be able to use them.

One good way to be sure you are purchasing legal fireworks is to buy them from a reputable dealer. Check out the label on the original packaging. Is the manufacturer’s name clearly displayed on it?

Another way to identify reliable consumer fireworks is to look in the original packaging or box, for a full set of directions on how to use them.

It’s important to follow the guidelines for fireworks as set by your state. Each state is different. You can call the local fire department or police department in your area to find out what guidelines apply to fireworks in your area.

The American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) also provides a reference for you to look up the control laws and state laws by state.

For frequently asked questions (FAQs) and to find out more about what you can expect with your online shopping experience with us, you can click here.

Reputable Fireworks Manufacturers, Quality You Can Trust

Red Apple Fireworks carries fireworks from reputable manufacturers including: