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What are firecrackers?

You’ve probably been to a celebration where firecrackers were front and center. There’s a difference between firecrackers and fireworks. The firecrackers are the small explosive devices that give a super loud POW for their size! While they emit a flash when they burst, the primary appeal is the trademark sound — CRACK!

The very first firecrackers seem to have appeared in Asia and were made of bamboo. Since then, they’ve evolved similar to other fireworks. A heavy paper casing is wrapped around the explosive compound, and it has a fuse that runs inside of it. Whether it’s 4,000-shots flash crackers, slug bomb, or a ginormous roll of 16,000 firecrackers (how wild is that?) the firecracker BANG is worth every ounce of excitement.

What are firecrackers made of?

Gunpowder is the main part of the firecracker. It’s mostly potassium nitrate, with charcoal and sulfur mixed in. The wrapper (or container) is usually made of cardboard and sometimes plastic.

Only qualified, trusted manufacturers make the brands of firecrackers you’ll find on this site, including the ones we design for our own Red Apple brands. Our pyrotechnic team picks the best fireworks and firecrackers from anywhere on the planet for you to enjoy.

How to use firecrackers

It’s important to follow these practical safety tips when using firecrackers.

  • Plan your pyrotechnics in an open space, such as a large field or clearing
  • Place firecrackers on a hard surface, such as dirt or concrete
  • Keep a hose or fire extinguisher nearby in case something unintentionally ignites
  • Keep friends, family, and spectators at least 30 feet back form the launch zone
  • Light the fuse, turn around, and move quickly away from the launch pad until reaching a safe distance
  • Give “duds” a chance before approaching, and soak with water prior to handling

Are firecrackers legal?

Always check with the local authorities or police department to find out any regulations on the legality of setting off firecrackers or fireworks for that matter. You can check this handy guide to find out what legal restrictions apply by state.