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Sparklers Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Sparklers offer a fun way to give everyone a part in the fireworks fun. Whether you choose bright white for your wedding, neon colors for the birthday party, or classic gold, you’re sure to make eyes light up with wonder. Take your sparkler game to the next level with waterfall, pearl, and strobe effects. Save with bulk pricing, and et sparklers shipped right to your door!

Just like the rest of our fireworks, Red Apple Fireworks sources our sparklers from top-quality manufacturers hand-selected from around the globe. Our customers come back year after year thanks to our reputation for quality and innovation. Plus, we support our fellow pyros with our in-depth Help Center and customer care team. Ready to sparkle?

What are sparklers?

Sparklers are handheld sticks that are lit at one end, emitting shimmering sparks like a magic wand. They’re a traditional favorite for kids (with adult supervision) and to add some audience involvement to any fireworks show. Popular around the world, people buy sparklers online for events like Diwali Festivals and the U.S.A.'s Independence Day.

What are sparklers made of?

These safe and smokeless fireworks are formed around a thin, non-combustible metallic wire, coated with a slow-burning pyrotechnic composition, such as flash powder or smoke powder, and then left to dry.

When were sparklers invented?

The Chinese discovered and began developing and manufacturing fireworks around the sixth century AD, and sparklers were a part of that revolutionary time of invention. The first handheld firework is thought to have been created in 670 AD, which was more akin to a Roman candle and has morphed into our beloved, well-known sparklers over the millennia.

Are sparklers safe?

All fireworks we sell at Red Apple Fireworks meet the testing criteria set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). We only sell fireworks designed according to strict guidelines, ensuring that all pyrotechnic material has undergone mandatory stress and heat tests.

Sparklers are safe to use, but adult supervision and proper care, protection, and caution is encouraged. Of course, only use sparklers outdoors!