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The Best Novelty Fireworks — and You Can Buy ‘em All Online!

Our love for novelty fireworks — the ones you can wow the kids with, or even get ol’ gran to pop off — goes all the way back to 1979 when we started as a roadside stop for pyro party favors (and the bigger stuff, too, of course). We've all worked hard to work with the best manufacturers in the novelty pyrotechnics business, so we can stock fun items that remind you of your childhood and help you share the joy with your children, family, and friends.

Whether you want to make some noise with snaps or hold shimmering lights in your hands with sparklers, we have all the sights and sounds you want for an upcoming birthday party, graduation gathering, or the big July 4th celebration. Learn more about our kids-at-heart pyrotechnics team and how our kids-at-heart customers feel about our passion and amazing supply of novelty fireworks and much more.

We sell all our high-quality fireworks online, including novelty fireworks, to you in bulk to help keep your costs as low as possible for these fun items. Even better, you don't need to leave your home to shop or pick up a large order of fireworks. We ship everything to your door! If you're looking for a reliable, family-friendly pyrotechnics seller, we are here for you! You can trust us to provide you with the best and safest fireworks available. Reach out to our knowledgeable team for prompt and friendly top-notch customer care. Our and Help Center pros are standing by to answer any pyro or logistics questions you might have.

What is a novelty firework?

In the fireworks industry, and perhaps commonly known to fireworks fans, novelty fireworks are considered the safer options. Fireworks lovers who have some personal safety concerns, such as the presence of small children or the lack of a large open space, might not want to forego all fireworks. Novelty items are the perfect, safe, and sane way to incorporate some firework classics for the whole family to enjoy while featuring a lower pyrotechnic footprint. You can also incorporate them into a larger fireworks event, keeping them available for everyone to use safely before and after the main aerial cake or missile event.

Firework lovers often choose sparklers, snaps, poppers, and snakes to have something they can hand off to young adult family members and even children under adult supervision. They really are the kids' family of firework products, so it's important to have some sparklers, snaps, and mini-flamethrowers like this one on hand to introduce the little ones to the big fun, close up and as a part of the action.

Can I buy novelty fireworks online?

You can buy your novelty fireworks online right here with Red Apple Fireworks! You can search our large selection of novelty items to see how they might fit in your special event. We ensure that your online shopping and purchasing experience with us is easy and secure. And with our wholesale-pricing-for-all, everyone gets bulk discounts. Best of all — get everything shipped right to your door!

If you have any trouble buying your novelty fireworks online with us, contact our customer care team right away.

How can I incorporate novelty fireworks into my show?

Novelty fireworks are a wonderful and personalized addition to any event or show you might put on. You can use novelties as the "warm-up acts" for your later spectacles, or you can hand them out to let everyone enjoy them throughout the event. If you want to keep the party rolling even after the finale, you can pass out novelties like Rainbow Water Fountain Sparklers, Apple Bombs Crackling Balls, and Dinosaur Battle Novelties.

Are novelty fireworks safe?

The most important practical question to ask when handling fireworks and passing them to others is whether they are safe. Visit our Help Center to learn about fireworks safety basics to ensure safety at all times, no matter what fireworks you plan to use. While novelty fireworks are the safest of all that we sell, it's still vital that you think about safety and ask your guests and anyone handling novelty fireworks to do the same.