A Passion for Lighting Up
the Night’s Sky

Most people probably don’t remember their first firework, but they might remember how it made them feel. There’s nothing quite like experiencing the shriek of a firework that erupts against the night sky, nose filling with that campfire smell as the shell booms and reverberates in a person’s chest before exploding in a million beautiful, glittering lights. At Red Apple there’s nothing we love more than providing those same feelings for people around the country, which is why we’ve spent countless hours developing our own unique brands and fireworks.


We’re doing something that most companies don’t do: traveling half way around the world multiple times a year, scouting for the best manufacturers, refining formulas and testing the end product to ensure it meets our high expectations. We've come to realize that to develop the new standard in fireworks, we have to be hands-on with the production of the fireworks that end up in our customer’s hands.


    Inspiration sparks in unlikely places. Sometimes we are driven by the nostalgia of our favorite movies, games, or places we’ve been. Other times, we see colors and effects we’ve never seen before and they become instant inspirations for a new firework. More often than not, a team member will make an off-hand joke and we decide to make something fun and funky out of it.

    Everyone on the Red Apple® Team brings new perspectives and experiences to the table, and it’s the combination of all of us that leads to inspiring ideas and fantastic fireworks.


    The most important aspect of creating fireworks is making sure the end result is fun and entertaining to watch. However, we put a lot of work not only into the production of each firework but also into its packaging, design and branding.

    And it’s a group effort: we involve a large part of our team throughout the process. Enjoying a firework is the number-one goal of all of us here, which means we’re working hard to make sure you enjoy our fireworks as much as we do!


    Our founders, designers and marketing team are stellar at working closely to name, illustrate and package each unique brand into a finished product that catches the eye, teases the mind and will please your senses once you light it up.

    In the end, our aim is to exceed our customers expecations – from the online buying experience, to receiving your uniquely packaged fireworks, to lighting them up and getting that feeling of gratification when the product performs exactly as you were told, and hopefully, better than you hoped for!

The Pyro Team

Meet the team that daily works to bring you the best fireworks in the industry.

  • Danny bio photo
    Catalog Manager

    Favorite anminal: Cats!
    Hobbie: DJing
    Food: Pizza
    Constellation: Nebulas!

  • Doug bio photo
    Pryo Boss | West Coast

    Music: Dub/Minimal Techno
    Food: Vegan sushi
    Ice cream: Dairy-free Coconut Vanilla
    Favorite animal: Octopus
    Color: Cyberpunk

  • Elissa bio image
    Queen of Everything

    Ice Cream: Chocolate chip cooke dough
    Color: Purple
    Candy Bar: Cadbury Milk Chocolate
    Vacation Spot: Australia
    Breakfast: Waffles

  • Esteban bio image
    Creative Director

    Animal: Dog or Bear
    Breakfast: Omelette
    Candy Bar: Milky Way
    Color: Neon Mint Green
    Hobby: Making Music
    Food: Sushi
    Vacation: Costa Rica beaches!

  • Jeremy bio image
    Warehouse | West Coast

    Animal: Dog Hobby: Camping Food: Tacos Breakfast: Bacon Candy bar: Reese's Cups

  • Jesse bio image
    Warehouse Manager

    I make sure our customers get their orders :)

  • Jim bio photos
    King of Everything

    The man that started it all back in 1979!

  • Justin bio image
    Director of Ecommerce

    Color: Emerald Green
    Food: Margarita pizza
    Vacation Spot: Westin in Maui
    Candy Bar: Reese's Fast Break
    Favorite Animal: Black Leopard

  • Gina bio photo
    District Manager

    Color: Blue
    Breakfast: Pancakes
    Sport: Football
    Vacation Spot: On the beach
    Candy Bar: Almond Joy
    Animal: Dogs

  • Mike bio photo
    Pyro Boss | East Coast

    Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
    Color: Mint Green
    Food: Thai Food
    Candy Bar: 100 Grand
    Vacation Spot: Hawaii
    Breakfast: Bluberry Pancakes

  • Kawehilani bio image
    Customer Success

    Animal: Lion
    Hobby: Dancing
    Food: Hawaiian Food
    Breakfast: Pancakes
    Candy Bar: Snickers
    Color: Baby pink
    Vacation: Tahiti

  • Ross bio image
    Regional Manager

    Animal: Cheetah
    Sport: Hockey
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Candy Bar: Charleston Chew
    Color: Gold
    Vacation Spot: Jamaica

The Brothers of Boom

Red Apple® and Las Vegas Lights team up to put on a mind blowing fireworks show during half-time!