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Snap Pops Bring the Bang — Red Apple Brings the Bulk Discounts

Whether your child has an upcoming birthday, or you're planning spring cookouts or a July 4th celebration, snap pops are a classic way to make some noise. Our Red Apple Fireworks team loves these little nuggets, and we work with the best manufacturers in the industry to bring a huge variety to you! We want you to find the ones you love by name, by color, or by the sound they make.

Check out our bulk snap pop fireworks and all the savings we pass on to you, and, even better, you'll ensure that you have everything you need for your event on hand with our home shipping option. You won't have to find a local — or sometimes far away, depending on where you live — fireworks seller and make a road trip, hoping they'll have what you need in stock by your event date. When you rely on us, you'll find what you need, and everyone at your event will have at least a handful of party snaps ready to toss to the ground to make some noise and feel a childlike joy.

Learn more about us and our passion for bringing you the best fireworks of all calibers, sights, and sounds! If you want to learn even more about our team, read what our customers are saying. If you need a hand selecting the right snaps or pops, reach out to our customer care team or Help Center, so we can assist you in fulfilling all your fireworks dreams with pop-its and much more!

What Are Snap Pops?

Snap pop fireworks are akin to firecrackers, minus the need to light a fuse. Pop its are small paper balls made of tissue paper, filled with a friction-sensitive composition of small rocks or gravel and the low-key explosive, silver fulminate, giving them the crackle they need to pop and snap for your enjoyment. All you need to do is pick up a snap pop or two, or a handful, and throw them to the ground or against another hard surface. Or you can place them on the ground and step on them when wearing proper footwear, and they let off a loud and familiar bang or pop sound.

As mentioned above, snap pop firecrackers are often also known as pop-its, devil bangers, snappers, throwdowns, poppers, whackpops, whip 'n pops, and by many other fun names. They have become beloved fireworks staples at birthday parties, Halloween, Fourth of July cookouts, weddings, and exuberant other outdoor events.

Are Snap Pops Dangerous?

Snap pop fireworks contain about .8 milligrams of silver fulminate, the explosive needed to detonate each snap pop, so it is not dangerous unless used carelessly, like any firework device. However, most manufacturers place age-related warnings on their packaging, warning customers to not allow anyone under 12 years old to handle pop it firecrackers and that anyone under 18 uses them only under parental supervision.

Keep your snap pop firecrackers with their box, instructions, and any other packaging to reference everything as needed. All of our fireworks meet all the testing criteria set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Are Snap Pop Firecrackers Illegal?

Snap pops aren't illegal, but they do require the same care of use you would take with any firework. Use them only in safe and open places, always directing them away from other people, animals, or flammable materials. Adult supervision required.

Where Can I Buy Snap Pops?

You can find snap pops like our Sumo Snaps Adult Snap Pops with a whopping 2,880 snaps and our 200-pack of Neon Bang Snaps that promise 10,000 snaps and a dash of neon glow. Or add something more to your snap — like our Pistol Magnum Confetti Popper Bag, filled with 144 packs of six poppers to get everyone in on the celebration!