Mike's Favorites!

Mike's Favorites!

"What are your favorite fireworks? What do you recommend for me?" Those are questions that we hear all the time here at Red Apple®, and trust us, we understand. Whether you're brand new to buying fireworks or you're a grizzled veteran at how to #RockYourBlock®, picking the right fireworks for yourself can be tricky.

XL® Finale Sets® or Compound Cakes™Barrage Finales™ or ShellsSamplers® or Fountains? It can be tough, so Mike wanted to give you a brief tutorial and run-through of his top booms that will definitely make your celebrations level up! 

So without further adieu, here are Mike's Favorites!

Tropix™ Aerial Finale Set®:
Watch the stunning neon colors including blue, red, and green as they explode in bangs, barrages, dandelions™ and more! This intense Finale Set® may not be XL® in name, but it sure acts like it is!

Catvasion™ Barrage Finale®:
168 rapid fire shots of colors in green, red, purple and blue will take even the most loving cat lover by suprise while under 75 seconds of barrage like catnip effects including crackling comets, tails, willows, brocade crowns and dandelions!

Poker™ XL® Finale Set®:
You'll love neon reds, glowing green glitter, neon blue stars, titanium time rain and so much more! Each aerial is very loud and very big. What else would you expect from Poker®?

There you have it #PyroSquad™, Mike's Favorites laid out just for you, giving you some epic booms to #GetLit during any celebration. Have a great day and go Blow $#!T Up!

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