Fast, Easy, and Hassle-Free Fireworks Shipping at Red Apple!

Yo, pyro peeps! Doug, the founder and CEO of Red Apple Fireworks, is here to talk about shipping methods. Fireworks can't be shipped via UPS or FedEx; they need to go on a pallet via a 53' semi-truck, making shipping expensive and slower than typical Amazon packages. However, Red Apple Fireworks has created options to cut costs and reduce transit time, ensuring you get your fireworks fast! Let's check it out.


Ship to a Fireworks Pickup Spot

First up, you can choose to pick up your fireworks at any of our 800+ Fireworks Pickup Spots™ across the USA! Did you say 800? YES! We really have more than 800 Fireworks Pickup Spots! That means there's definitely a Fireworks Pickup Spot near you. This is our fastest shipping option and it saves you mad cash! At checkout, choose a Fireworks Pickup Spot from the list. We'll ship your order there FAST and hit you up when it's ready to pick up.And check this out! If the Pickup Spot you chose is not available for any reason, we'll automatically pick the next best option for ya! We got your back.


Ship to a Red Apple Fireworks Retail Store

Your next option to snag your Red Apple boomies is to order online and pick them up at one of our retail stores! It's always free and super chill. Just select your favorite Red Apple Fireworks Retail Spot at checkout, choose the date and time you want to stop by, then roll up and snag your order like a boss. Easy peasy, right?PICKUP HACK: not digging the long lines at our stores during our peak seasons? No sweat! Order online for pickup when you're already at Red Apple and we'll automatically expedite your order - no cap!


Ship to Your Home or Business

Wanna keep it cozy? No problemo! Order from YOUR spot while you're in your pajamas and we'll send your fireworks straight to your crib or bizness. Just select Ship to home or businessat checkout and kick back while you wait for your fireworks to come to you. Just make some space for the big-ass truck that will drop 'em off! Shipping to your home or business usually isn't free, but who can put a price on convenience, right?



We know you wanna keep tabs on your order like a hawk, so head over to our tracking page to stay in the loop. Just remember, there might be a slight delay between updates from our shipping partners. Patience is key, my friends!


We track certain shipping statistics to make sure you are fully informed. The shipping origin of your order may be any of our locations. Days listed should be calculated as business days since these shipping companies are kinda lazy.



From Pahrump, NV

6 days 

12 days 

From Valdosta, GA 

7 days

11 days 

From Flint, MI 

7 days 

12 days 


🚨 SHIPPING HACK: Order Priority Processing & Shipping

Need your fireworks ASAP? Upgrade to Priority Processing & Shipping for VIP treatment, especially during peak seasons like June for the 4th of July and December for New Year's. Your order gets top priority and the fastest delivery. Club Red Apple Members get a Red Apple Cash credit of up to $100 when you order Priority Processing & Shipping.


PRO TIP: Always Choose Order Protection

Don't worry about shipping mishaps with Order Protection! We've got you covered, handling any issues on your behalf, so you can focus on making memories, not filing claims. Without Order Protection, you're left dealing with the claims process directly. Remember, you can add Shipping Protection anytime, even after your order arrives. It's a no-brainer!