Happy National Video Games Day!

Happy National Video Games Day!

We've come super far as a society. In fact, we've come so far that we celebrate amazing days now like NATIONAL VIDEO GAMES DAY! That's right folks, we get to celebrate one of the coolest aspects of technology, video games.

And at Red Apple®, not only do we love video games, we have an entire line of fireworks dedicated to them! The Arcade™ brand is our way to tip the cap tp the pixelated glory days of the past, and man do we love honoring those games! 

To help bump up your celebration, check out Jet Pack™! An amazing Sampler® filled some of the coolest fireworks you'll find. Or if you want an incredible handheld Fountain, check out Zap Gun™, which you can use to shoot down all those alien spaceships! Better yet, if you want to boost your level of celebration, fire off some Power Ups™, which are an Aerial Finale Set®!

Enjoy the day and enjoy your celebrations but most of all, make sure you #RockYourBlock® for National Video Games Day!



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