Hey, hey, party people! Today we have Doug, the mastermind behind Red Apple® Fireworks, here to make your fireworks fiesta #litAF!™ Today, we're going deep into the dopest fireworks to light up your backyard extravaganza. Get ready to add some serious sizzle to your party vibes and let's do this!


First things first, we got our awesome  fountains. These bad boys are like volcanoes of pure awesomeness. They shoot up sparks in mind-blowing colors and patterns, giving you a mesmerizing show. Fountains come in all shapes and sizes, with tons of colors, effects, and durations. Don't sleep on these, folks! They may not reach the sky, but they extend your party's duration and bring a dope spectacle to the ground level. Plus, they have some mind-blowing colors and effects you won't find anywhere else. Check out the sickest fountains from Red Apple® Fireworks, like the Ice Cream Cone® FountainsTiger's Roar™ XL® FountainsSilver Spiral™Rainbow Pinwheel™, and the Spinning Skull Flower™ Fountains!


Next up, we got  Roman candles. Who doesn't love Roman candles, amirite? These babies shoot out multiple shots in a burst of vibrant colors, creating an epic visual display. Roman candle technology has leveled up big time, y'all! We got more colors and effects packed into these modern beauties. Our Roman candle barrages are off the charts, with hundreds of shots and a variety of mind-blowing effects. Red Apple® Fireworks got you covered with dope options like Bamboo Shoots™Gumball Cannon™Liberty Bazooka™Corpse Cannon & Brain Blaster™, the mother of all bangers, Rainbow Pixels™Deadheadz™, and a ton more. It's straight-up lit, fam!


Now, let's talk  firecrackers. Classic firecrackers are like a string of explosive awesomeness. They go off one after the other when you light the fuse. But hold up, 'cause Red Apple® took it to the next level. We got firecrackers with a range from a single bang to a mind-blowing 16,000 explosions from one fuse. How sick is that? These stringed explosives bring the noise to your celebration. Check out some of our classics, like Red Apple® BombsAntidote™ XXL™ Barrage Crackers, and Red Apple® Bombs Roll Flash Crackers with a built-in finale? Yeah, we got that too!


Time to get hands-on with  sparklers and handheld fireworks. Sparklers are perfect for those Instagram-worthy moments, my peeps! Grab one and let the sparks rain down for those epic slo-mo shots. But guess what? Red Apple® has leveled up the sparkler game. We got giant sparklers that display colorful streams or even mini fireballs. We're talking Rainbow Waterfall™Zap Guns™, Zed Shredder™, which is like a giant handheld chainsaw fountain! Yeah, you heard that right. And don't miss the Rainbow Blade™, 'cause it's fire, my friends!


Want to create an enchanting atmosphere at your backyard fireworks bash?  Smoke bombs got you covered, yo! These vibrant plumes of smoke add an artistic touch to your celebration. Go for a rainbow assortment and let the smoke swirl and dance in the air. Trust me, the visuals are off the charts! Capture some mind-blowing pics, vids, and special effects with these smoke bombs. Red Apple® brings you non-traditional smoke bomb options like Neon Smoke Ballz™ and our Black Smoke Grenades. It's a whole new level of smoky goodness!


And now, it's time to launch some rockets, my dudes! Bottle rockets are where it's at. These pyrotechnic wonders have a rich history, originating from ancient China. They were made for ceremonies and military purposes, but now they're a staple at any backyard celebration, especially on the 4th of July!  Bottle rockets get their name from the way they're launched—straight outta a bottle! With a touch of science and a whole lot of fun, these rockets soar into the sky, leaving a trail of sparks and bangs that ignite the heavens! Our bottle rocket lineup includes Zip-Pops™ Rockets With Bang™, and Whiz Bang™ Whistling Bottle Rockets. It's pure fireworks magic, my friends!


Last but not least, let's not forget about the fun and quirky novelty fireworks. Party poppers, helicopters, bang snaps, and snakes are the life of the party! Party poppers shower confetti like there's no tomorrow. Helicopters spin up in the air with a whirl and a bang. Bang snaps give you that satisfying pop when you throw 'em or stomp on 'em. And classic snakes slither around, leaving behind a trail of black ash. These novelties bring that extra oomph to your celebration and keep the good vibes flowing. Just make sure the kiddos have some adult supervision, y'all! You gotta check out Red Apple®  Sumo® Snaps. These things are like fuseless firecrackers, but super loud. Definitely not for the kiddos! We also got Pixel Popz™Glow Popz™ (yes, they glow in the dark), and a bunch of fiery tanks, cars, boats, and motorcycles. It's a whole fireworks fiesta, my peeps!

Alright, fam, there you have it—our top picks to make your 4th of July backyard bash a blast! Remember, safety first, respect your neighbors, and obey local regulations. Have an epic Independence Day celebration that'll leave your peeps in awe. Stay safe, stay cool, and keep those fireworks poppin'! Peace out!

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