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Buy Bottle Rocket Fireworks Online, From Fellow Pyro-Connoisseurs

Bottle rockets: just as much fun back in 1979 when Red Apple began as they are today. Does any other firework rekindle the excitement of youth — summer nights, Fourth of July cookouts, neighborhood mischief — more than bottle rockets? Bottle rockets have come a long way over the past several decades, offering more variety than ever before. Our Red Apple Fireworks team loves bottle rockets, and we consider ourselves connoisseurs on the matter. 

Youthful and mischievous at heart, we want to help you relive memories and pass them along to today's generation by introducing all the latest colors and sounds. Learn more about us and check out how our customers light up the skies. We sell all our high-quality fireworks in bulk to pass on major savings to you. And get this — home shipping! Trust us with all your pyro desires — our customer care team and Help Center are standing by.

What are bottle rocket fireworks?

Bottle rockets are aerial fireworks that soar mid-altitude into the sky upon ignition, exciting spectators with flashes of light, an array of vibrant colors, and loud and cracking sounds. Traditionally launched from bottles — hence the name — simply hook the fuse over the lip of your launch tube, light the fuse (or fuses!), and watch these little rockets soar with an explosive tail.

Once you light the fuse, the flames travel quickly along the foot-long wooden stick attached to the bottle rocket's core to ignite the pyrotechnic chemicals inside, such as charcoal, sulfur, and potassium nitrate. A small powder charge wrapped in paper and tacked to the end of a light wooden stick are all it takes to make a bottle rocket — simple concept, endless fun.

Bottle rockets are wonderfully easy and straightforward to use, which is yet another reason they are a perennial favorite among fireworks fans. Even if you plan to set off your bottle rocket pyrotechnics in the light of day, you can still enjoy the sound as they crackle in the sky.These attention-grabbers are perfect to launch your event or close it out with a bang.

When did bottle rockets originate and how have they remained popular?

Based on ancient "skyrockets" developed in the second century B.C. in China for religious purposes, many cultures have gone on to use rockets as weapons and as a means to launch aircraft (we don’t recommend doing either of these things! Be safe.).

However, in modern times, bottle rockets have become a timeless treasure at fireworks displays worldwide, and Americans hold a special place in our hearts for them. Adults remember them from their youth and love passing along this pyrotechnic tradition to their children. Further, the ease of use, the loud pop or crack, and the array of colors all offer more than enough reasons to keep coming back to this reliable standby.

How do you stay safe when setting off bottle rocket fireworks?

Launching bottle rockets is fairly simple: Insert each one or group of bottle rockets into a safe launch tube and light the fuse(s). Make sure to wear safety gear, such as gloves and goggles, and ensure that you have plenty of space outside in an open field or clearing. Once the flame ignites the core's top-heavy nozzle, the small explosive shoots the rocket into its flight, ending with a loud crack.

Keep your bottle rocket fireworks with their box, instructions, and any other packaging to reference everything as needed. All of our fireworks meet all the testing criteria set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).