XL® Finale Sets® (Up to 2000 Grams)

XL® Finale Sets® (Up to 2000 Grams)

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Ready to top last year's fireworks show? Good news — you can raise the bar higher than ever with XL Finale Sets from Red Apple. As our biggest fireworks packages yet, these state-of-the-art sets are worthy of your next grand finale. Whether lighting up your neighborhood for friends and family or putting on a local event, our stupefying fireworks will create an exhilarating show to remember.

Our XL Fireworks Finale Sets

With XL Finale Sets from Red Apple, you can send larger-than-life bursts of color blazing through the night sky. These fireworks finale sets contain up to 500 grams of pyrotechnic powder in each carton, creating mind-blowing explosions you can’t miss.

Our XL finale fireworks shoot off countless striking colors in bright, intense shades like neon green, gold, teal and even multicolor. You can also choose from dozens of exciting effects like spinning, strobe, waterfall, falling leaves and giant moth to make your fireworks display as eye-catching and dynamic as possible. Select from quirky and captivating themes like Kung Fu, Flowers, Outbreak and Star Catz.

Our XL fireworks burst at volumes between loud and very loud and display levels from low to high. They contain between 25 and 252 shots per set.

Take Your Fireworks to the Next Level

Present the fireworks show of a lifetime with XL Finale Sets from Red Apple. As true fireworks enthusiasts, we designed and handcrafted our fireworks ourselves to meet our highest expectations.

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