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If you’re looking to light up the sky in 2024, you’ve gotta check out the Top Samplers® that Doug just broke down at our flagship store in Pahrump, NV! These epic assortments have everything from sparklers and fountains to rockets and roman candles – all the essentials for an unforgettable celebration. Whether you’re planning for the Fourth of July, New Year's Eve, MDW, or any other festive occasion, these Samplers® will make sure your night goes off with a bang!


Pyrosonix™ 343 Shot Sampler®

Experience a dazzling display with the Pyrosonix™ 343 Shot Sampler, featuring 12 vibrant cakes and dynamic effects. Perfect for any celebration!

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Cobra™ Box Fireworks Samplers®

Ignite your celebration with the Cobra™ Box Fireworks Samplers! Boasting 730 shots and 35 exciting fireworks items, this sampler includes an array of artillery shells and fountains to dazzle your audience.

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Panda Box® Fireworks Sampler® Blue

Unleash the beast with the Blue Panda Box® Fireworks Sampler. Featuring 364 shots across 37 items, including a mix of aerial shells and fountains, this assortment offers a vibrant array of effects and colors.

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Panda Box® Fireworks Sampler® Yellow

Light up your celebrations with the Panda Box® Fireworks Sampler! Featuring 1,140 shots across a variety of 37 items, this assortment delivers a spectacular 50-minute display of vibrant colors and stunning effects!

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Giant Panda Box® Sampler®

Get ready to flex your party game with the Giant Panda Box® Sampler! This beast packs 648 shots and 39 killer fireworks, delivering an epic 45-minute show. From jaw-dropping effects to vibrant colors, it's the ultimate way to light up your night!

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Joker™ Box Fireworks Samplers®

Why so serious? Add some explosive fun with the Joker™ Box Fireworks Sampler! Packed with 370 shots and a variety of colorful effects, this sampler will light up your night with a bang. Perfect for a thrilling display that'll make everyone smile!

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Buddha™ Box Fireworks Sampler®

Elevate your festivities with the Buddha™ Box Fireworks Sampler! Featuring 725 shots and 39 vibrant fireworks items, this box guarantees a 45-minute spectacle with stunning effects and loud displays. Perfect for achieving firework nirvana!

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Canna™-Box Fireworks Sampler®

Ready to light up the night in style? The Canna™-Box Fireworks Sampler has got you covered with 467 shots of pure firework bliss! Packed with cannabis-themed shells, aerials, and fountains, this 40-minute show will elevate your celebration to new heights.

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Lucky 13™ 159-Shots Sampler®

Feeling lucky? The Lucky 13™ 159-Shots Sampler is your jackpot for fireworks fun! Packed with 10 aerials and three shell kits, this set delivers a high-impact, 40-minute display featuring 159 shots. With effects like barrage, brocade crowns, and crackling comets, it's designed to wow your crowd.

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Tiki® Box 296-Shots Sampler®

Turn your luau into an explosive island adventure with the Tiki® Box 296-Shots Sampler! Featuring 296 shots across 11 vibrant fireworks items, this box delivers a stunning 25-minute show with effects like brocade crowns, crackling, and strobe glitter.

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Star Box™ Fireworks Samplers®

Get ready to light up the night with the Star Box™ Fireworks Sampler! Featuring 300 shots and 25 fireworks items, this box delivers a dazzling 25-minute display with vibrant colors and stunning effects. Perfect for making your celebration truly unforgettable!

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Unicorn® Box Fireworks Samplers®

Get ready for a mythical explosion of fun with the Unicorn® Box Fireworks Samplers! Packed with 35 dazzling items, this set offers 40 minutes of enchanting displays that will leave you saying, "That's unicorn-believable!" Perfect for adding a magical sparkle and a touch of whimsy to any gathering!

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