Hey there fellow fireworks aficionados! Are you ready to elevate your pyrotechnic game to new heights? Well, buckle up because Doug from Red Apple® is about to drop some major fireworks knowledge with our latest lineup of explosive goodies! From jaw-dropping canister shells to mind-blowing aerial finale sets, we've got the inside scoop on the hottest new products that are sure to make your celebrations go off with a bang. So grab your sparklers and get ready to dive into the Top 10 New Product Dropz™!


Buddha™ Box Fireworks Sampler®

This ain't your run-of-the-mill assortment, folks. It's a carefully curated collection of explosive delights that'll have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. From XL® Aerial Finale Sets®to #loudAF Canister Shells, this Sampler has something for everyone. Whether you're hosting a backyard bash or just looking to add some spark to your night, the Buddha™ Box has got you covered.

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Suicide Kings™ 8 Inch Quad Break Canister Shells

Get ready, everyone, because the Suicide Kings™ are here to BLOW. YOUR. MIND! These bad boys aren't playing around - with their massive bursts and jaw-dropping effects, they're guaranteed to leave your audience speechless. Imagine the look on your friends' faces as these shells light up the sky with their explosive brilliance. It's a show-stopping spectacle that's sure to be the highlight of any fireworks display!

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UFO Attack!™ XL® Aerial Finale Set® with Flying UFOs

Get ready for an otherworldly experience! Featuring flying UFOs and spectacular aerial displays, this set will take your fireworks game to new heights. Picture this: you're gazing up at the night sky, and suddenly, you spot a fleet of UFOs descending from above, accompanied by a symphony of colorful explosions. It's a sight straight out of a sci-fi movie, and you won't believe your eyes!

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American Glory® 7" Red, White & Blue Canister Shells

Show your patriotic pride with the American Glory® Shells! These beauties pack a punch with their vibrant colors and booming bursts, making them the perfect addition to any Fourth of July celebration.With every burst, you'll hear the collective "oohs" and "aahs" echoing in awe from the dazzling display of red, white, and blue. It's a salute to the stars and stripes that'll leave everyone feeling patriotic.

On the hunt for a 6-pack? Peep our #MericaAF™ 7" Red, White & Blue Canister Shells for that same shell goodness, just in a smaller pack!

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Liberty Bazookas™ 660 Shot Barrage Candle Finale Set® 

Prepare to be blown away by the Liberty Bazookas™ 660 Shot Barrage Candle Finale Set®! With its rapid-fire barrage and stunning finale, this set is guaranteed to leave your audience in awe. Imagine this: you're standing in your backyard, surrounded by friends and family, as the Liberty Bazookas™ unleash a torrent of fiery goodness into the night sky. It's a spectacle of epic proportions that'll have everyone talking for days.

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Chroma® Color-Changing 5 Inch XL® Canister Shells 

Experience the magic of color-changing fireworks with the Chroma® Color-Changing 5 Inch XL® Canister Shells! Be amazed as these shells transform the night sky into a kaleidoscope of colors, creating a mesmerizing visual display that's unlike anything you've ever seen. From vibrant blues to fiery reds, the Chroma® shells will paint the sky with their breathtaking hues, leaving you spellbound.

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Dead Presidents™ 196 Shot XL® Aerial Finale Set® 

Pay homage to the legends with the Dead Presidents™ 196 Shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®! Featuring iconic presidents and dazzling effects, this set is sure to make a statement. Think about how amazed your friends will look as they witness Abraham Lincoln and George Washington lighting up the night sky with their explosive antics. It's a tribute to the greats that'll have everyone cheering for more.

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Red Apple® Bombs Flash Crackers Rolls with Finale 

Get ready to make some noise with Red Apple® Bombs Flash Crackers Rolls with Finale! These flash crackers will add some extra oomph to your fireworks display with their thunderous booms and crackling bursts. Alright, check this out: You're chilling in your backyard, setting off a wicked display of flash crackers that's straight-up lighting up the night sky. The sound's bouncing off the walls, and the colors? They're poppin' like crazy! You're not just making noise; you're creating an epic vibe that's got the whole neighborhood buzzing.

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Geisha® XL® Platinum® Willow Rockets 

Take your fireworks extravaganza to the next level with the Geisha® XL® Platinum® Willow Rockets! These babies shoot sky-high, unleashing a mesmerizing display of elegant willow effects that'll have everyone shook. These rockets will fill the night sky with cascading stars and hypnotic patterns, leaving your crew speechless. It's not just a show—it's an experience that'll have them talking long after the sparks fade.

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Killer Taco™ Fountains 

Get ready to spice things up with the Killer Taco™ Fountains! These fountains are like the secret sauce of your party, adding sizzle and flavor to every moment. On the next Taco Tuesday, when you've got your crew over for a backyard hangout, bring out the Killer Taco™ Fountains. Instantly, it's a flavor explosion, with sparks flying and laughter echoing through the air. It's not just any gathering—it's a Killer Taco™ fiesta that'll have everyone coming back for seconds and thirds.

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Buddha™ Shells 5" XL® Canister Shells

And as a special bonus for sticking around, we've got a surprise for you: 

Don't sleep on the Buddha™ Shells 5" XL® Canister Shells! These bad boys are not your average fireworks—they're next-level with their massive size and jaw-dropping effects. Get ready to kick your fireworks game up a notch with these heavy hitters that'll leave everyone in awe. It's time to light up the sky like never before! And here's the kicker! These shells are a Club Red Apple exclusive! Join the club to score access to product dropz™, killer discounts, cash back, and a ton of other sweet perks!

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That's all, folks!

And that's a wrap on our rundown of the hottest Top 10 New Dropz from Red Apple Fireworks! From insane canister shells to mesmerizing fountains, we've hooked you up with the must-haves for your next lit gathering. But hey, don't sleep on this—keep browing™ and cop your faves or visit us at any of our 3 locations before they're gone in a flash! Let's keep those celebrations poppin' and the good times rollin'!

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