The 10 Best Fireworks Assortments



Diversify your firework collection with this huge selection of our best fireworks assortments. With everything from delightful ground effects to show-stopping aerial displays, each assortment of fireworks will liven up any celebration with their dazzling colors and effects.

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The best fireworks assortments and sets from Red Apple are here! Explore novelties, fountains, rockets, and more. From fun ground effects to dazzling aerial assortments, we've chosen our Top 10 Firework Assortments for your next celebration. Learn more and shop our selection of the best firework sets now.

Kid's Corner Assortment

With 24 firework assortments in each pack, this kids-friendly assortment offers a massive variety of novelties and other fun fireworks. From poppers and snappers to black snakes and more, these kid-safe fireworks offer a multi-color array of crackling, whistling, and strobing effects that are sure to put a smile on any child's face.

Gatling Gun Large Roman Candle Assortment

Ready, aim, fire! Enjoy 64 Gatling-gun-themed Roman candles in four assorted styles: red and silver glitter, green wave, crackling, and blue and gold glitter. Each firework shoots five shots off with a bang for a fantastic aerial display. See for yourself with our firework demonstration.

Assorted Military Smoke

With bold red, orange, green, and blue to choose from, these fireworks can put on a vivid display of colorful smoke for up to one minute each. Each case boasts 24 packs of four smokes for up to 96 minutes of enjoyment.

Xpress Pak Assortment

This super-sized variety Pak boasts six samplers, each containing 13 standard fountains, three fountain repeaters, two standard aerials, two novelties, and a 25-shot missile barrage. The fireworks produce pearl, bang, and crackling effects in a vibrant red your audience won't forget.

The Buzz Assortment (Safe & Sane) Ground Effect Sampler

Get everything you need for your next ground show with this assortment of ground effects. Each case comes with over 200 fireworks, including crackling balls, fountains, and more. Enjoy dandelion, crackling, and whistling effects in blue, green, red, yellow, silver, and gold.

Animal Dancing Standard Aerial Assortment

Take a walk on the wild side with these animal-themed aerials! Each case offers 36 aerial fireworks based on the natural beauty of the rhino, cheetah, lion, and tiger. Each multi-colored firework shoots a gorgeous chrysanthemum fountain with falling leaves and stars into the sky with a satisfying BANG.

Shogun Cone Fountain No. 2 Assortment

This megapack boasts 192 fountains in assorted colors. Once lit, each fountain firework produces a fantastic shower of sparks and whistles.

Movers & Shakers Assorted Fountains

Your next ground show will be the talk of the town with these movers and shakers! Available in four unique styles, these assorted fountain fireworks put on a dazzling show of sparks, pearls, glitter, crackling, and strobing for one minute, ending with an impressive, unforgettable finale. With 16 fountains per case, each pack offers up to 960 seconds of performance time.

Snake Bag Assorted Novelty

This assorted novelty firework case boasts over 5,000 snakes in three varieties for tons of age-old fun. Enjoy hundreds of classic black snakes, colored snakes, and glow worms.

West Lake Assorted Rockets

Shoot for the stars with these assorted rocket fireworks! With a loud bang and glorious crackling, these rockets shoot off dazzling stars in four fun varieties: green, red and white, yellow, and red, green, and white. With 36 packs of 12 rockets inside, each case boasts 432 assorted rocket fireworks.

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