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Sky Show

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Find Bulk Aerial Fireworks to Light up Your Sky

There is nothing quite like watching a pyrotechnic rise off the ground and explode in the sky, showering the heavens in sparks of colorful light. Every good fireworks show includes aerial fireworks, which come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and sounds.

Red Apple Fireworks offers only the best sky fireworks to include in your display, and because you can buy your airborne fireworks in bulk, you can take advantage of significant savings in building your pyrotechnic stash. As a family company, Red Apple knows how important it is to dazzle and delight your loved ones with surprises like fireworks. All the aerial fireworks available on our site, which come from high-quality manufacturers around the world, will ship directly to your door, so it is more convenient than ever to arrange a fireworks show. And, if you need any help deciding which aerial fireworks to buy, you can contact our caring and knowledgeable customer support or visit the Help Center.

What are Sky Fireworks?

Not all aerial fireworks rise hundreds of feet into the air, as you might see in a large scale sky show; plenty are safe for you to light off in your backyard or the local park and will rise only a few dozen feet. Unlike ground-based fireworks, aerial-based fireworks rise up-up-up, making them more dynamic and fun for you and your group to watch.

There are all manner of sky fireworks to choose from, and many different styles behave differently once lit. If you are looking for a particular type of aerial firework, you can refine your search by filtering for brand, color effect, display level and more — or you can contact our customer service for help.

What are the different types of Sky Fireworks?

It doesn’t matter what kind of sky fireworks you want — we have them at Red Apple! Some examples of aerial fireworks you can find available in bulk include:

  • Aerial shells, or mortars, which are individual fireworks that launch high into the air and explode.
  • Aerial repeaters, or “cakes,” which consist of a bundle of mortars that follow a preset firing routine.
  • Aerial display tubes, which contain more intricate patterns and more unique colors than mortars or cakes.
  • Skyrockets, which are missile-shaped tubes that trace their ascent into the sky before exploding.
  • Roman candles, which are tubes of various sizes packed with multiple pyrotechnic effects.
  • Sky spinners, which twirl as they launch from the ground into the sky.

Are Sky Fireworks safe for everyone?

As is true of all pyrotechnics, you should read any and all directions that come with your aerial fireworks purchase before you use them. Airborne fireworks are not meant to be held in the hand, and you should only light them in a cleared area where they will not shower sparks on trees, shrubs or structures. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has other tips and tricks for staying safe while enjoying all manner of pyrotechnics.

Red Apple only sells the highest quality pyrotechnics, which are manufactured under strict guidelines. Additionally, fireworks sold on our site undergo rigorous testing for stress and heat, which helps to keep users safe.