Unicorn Box™ Unboxing Magic with Mike!

Unicorn Box™ Unboxing Magic with Mike!

It's time to get magical, #PyroSquad™! Now that 2022 is here & in full swing, Mike wanted to start off the new year with some razzle-dazzle & show off this one-of-a-kind Unicorn Box™ Ground Effects Fireworks Sampler®!

As you start prepping for your next epic celebration & need to buy fireworks online, Mike unboxes and shows off everything inside this incredible Fireworks Sampler® (check out our other insane Samplers®), making sure you see exactly why this is a must-have for any party! This special and magically delicious box of firework goodies is sure to get you #litAF™ and will definitely #RockYourBlock®!

Mike, wearing a unicorn snuggie and perhaps eating ALL the marshmallows, unboxes this fairy tale of a Sampler® and he shows us all the goodies inside! And of course, he likes to get #litAF™ and Blow $#!T Up so that you know exactly what's inside.

AND! If you haven't heard, our NYE Sale Event ends on Sunday, January 9th. So get your squad together and stock up now! You definitely don't want to miss out on 180+ sales & specials with everything from XL® Aerials, Barrage Finales™, Roman Candles and Finale Sets®, cases & units all on sale! Hurry up and check it out online or in-store at Pahrump, Nevada or Flint, Michigan!!!!

We'll catch you soon, #PyroSquad™!

The Magical Unicorn Box™!


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