The Celebration Standard™: Panda Box™ + Chroma®!

The Celebration Standard™: Panda Box™ + Chroma®!

When you've got a party comin' up, you need to make sure it's the best it can be! The best drinks, music, food (pigs in a blanket, of course), decoractions & all that! But if you're lookin' to for a serious celebration upgrade, then you need to grab some FIREWORKS! Here at Red Apple®, we want to make sure that your party is hooked up with the best fireworks that are held to the best standards possible. The means the brightest neon colors, the coolest sky-filling effects & the loudest booms. And if you're going to set that standard, you definitely want to have THE Celebration Standard™, which consists of two must-have fireworks: 

Panda Box™ Fireworks Sampler® and Chroma® 5" XL® Canisters!

With Panda Box™, you are are getting 380 shots from 41 fireworks to light off with everything from artillery shells to aerials, to fountains and snappers. Now, add in Chroma® and you're getting shells that have 10+ colors (including neons) coupled with 10 effects such as dahlias, palms and MASSIVE brocade crowns! So while you are creating your ultimate celebration you can rest assured that you're launching the very best in the business and mixing these two fan favorites for a perfect display.

For your next opportunity to celebrate with your loved ones, we want you to set The Celebration Standard™ with Panda Box™ and Chroma®! Give the people what they want and #MakeSomeNoise as you #RockYourBlock®!

Check out the unboxing of Panda Box™!

Check out Chroma® 5" XL® Canisters!

Chroma 5-Inch XL Canister Shells 24-Packs (case)

And check out Panda Box™Fireworks Sampler®!

Panda Box Fireworks Sampler (case)

We'll see you soon, #PyroSquad™!

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