The Top 10 Snap Fireworks for 2024


There's nothing quite like a fireworks celebration, and you may be interested in adding a few snaps to your arsenal. These small novelty fireworks pack a huge punch as they burst on the ground. If you are looking for the best of the best, you may be wondering what options to consider. Take a look at our top 10 selection of snaps below.

Crowd in front of fireworks


Get ready for your next celebration with the best collection of snaps from Red Apple. Regardless of how big or small your show might be, these fireworks can make your next party a huge success.

White Bang Snaps 200 Pack

If you are looking for extra-loud snaps, your search ends here. These are big, loud, and will grab everyone’s attention. They take all the best features of traditional snaps and magnify them, stealing the show. Furthermore, this case includes 10,000 snaps, so the party is sure to last all night.

Sumo Snaps Adult Snappers

These novelty fireworks display dazzling yellow, gold, and white bursts when they hit the ground. With a name like “Sumo Snaps”, these will live up to your biggest expectations. This case contains a total of 2,880 snaps, so they’ll start off the celebration with a bang!

Neon Bang Snaps 200 Pack

These fun snaps go by numerous names. Some call them “bang” snaps, while other people call them poppers. No matter what name you choose, they will make your next fireworks celebration a blast. Whether you throw them, pop them, or snap them, you’ll fall in love with the bright colors and loud bangs.

Snappers Large Box

Are you hosting a crown for your next party? If so, be sure to pick up this trick noisemaker case. With 12,000 total snaps, this will give you the best bang for your buck. Step on them, toss them across the field, or snap them on the ground to get the party started!

Party Popper Bags of 6

Are you looking for party snaps that burst in a variety of colors? With loud bangs that come in red, green, blue, and yellow, this is the best way to fuel your event. Have some safe fun and enjoy the colored confetti!

Neon Tube Snaps

If you are looking for snaps that come in multiple colors, these are a must-have addition to your collection. When these snaps hit the ground, you'll enjoy a bright flash that features neon blue, green, red, and yellow colors.

White Bang Snaps 50 Pack

Do you need a tremendous quantity of reliable snaps? If so, you'll like these novelty fireworks, which deliver a total of 12,000 bursts. Producing silver and white-colored bangs, they take traditional snaps to the next level.

Cracker Snaps

Oh snap! Every pack of these novelty fireworks has 20 snaps, and you'll enjoy the amazing bang they let off. They are reliable, loud, and will bring your entire celebration together.

Pistol Magnum Confetti Popper Bag

This fun-filled popper bag shoots blue, green, purple, red, white, and yellow confetti. Be the life of the party, and provide everyone with these amazing poppers. There is nothing quite like them!

Snap Crackle Pop XL

Cereal isn’t the only thing that snaps, crackles, and pops! If you’re looking to start off your celebration strong, hand out these crackling snap fireworks that feature blasts in bouquets, chrysanthemum, and crackles. They’re fun for the whole family to use.

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