Halloween Puts the "Boo" in "BOOM!"

Halloween Puts the "Boo" in "BOOM!"

Happy Halloween, #PyroSquad™! Mike is here (and dressed up as a… hippy?) to give you the scoop on the BEST fireworks to some seriously spine-chilling BOOMS to your bump your Halloween party! So turn out the lights, light up those pumpkins & get ready and check out these horrifyingly awesome booms!

We'll start off with an XL® Aerial that's sure to wake the undead, Slayer™! These 42-shot bulldoze and spray over the night and dominates like no other!

Next up are some scarily cool Barrage Candles, Corpse Cannon™ & Brain Buster™! Super bright neon colors race each other through the sky with loud whistles, bangs & crackling. 

The Spinning Skull Flower ™ Fountain is next! Not only does the Spinning Skull Flower™ look nothing like any fountain you've ever seen, its effects are unlike any other! Boasting Dandelions®, crackling, stars in green, red, and silver, ending with a SPINNING finale!

 And finally, we have the Outbreak XL® Aerial Finale Set®! Amazingly bright neon colors, mega loud BOOMS, dahlias, strobes, crackling & more! Did we mention that it’s C-R-A-Z-Y loud?! Like, really, really loud!

Only having candy & watching scary movies is old news! Step up your Halloween game with these amazing fireworks that will #Rockyourblock® & maybe, just maybe, wake the dead!

We'll catch ya soon, #PyroSquad™! Happy Halloween!


Check out Slayer™:

And check out Corpse Cannon™ & Brain Blaster™:

Corpse Cannon & Brain Blaster 146-Shots Barrage Candles (case)

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