5 Step Guide to Starting a Fireworks Tent Business

5 Step Guide to Starting a Fireworks Tent Business

Fireworks are bright, flashy, loud and exciting — how can you see a fireworks display and not want in on the fun? We certainly don't blame you if you do! Setting up a fireworks tent business is a fantastic way to encourage more people to witness fireworks in all their glory. We've put together a guide for setting up your new business, from choosing a location to finding a reputable wholesaler…you might even be looking at your wholesaler now!

Here are five steps you can take to start your business and spread the fireworks love. 

1. Location, Location, Location!

It is all about the location when you set up your fireworks tent. Besides setting up shop somewhere your customers will see you, you'll also need to consider taxes, zoning laws and regulations. We know…yawn. But stay with us because this is super important. Different cities may have different regulations or zoning ordinances. For example, you'll have to set up your stand pretty far away from residential buildings and homes. 

You also need to get customers! Your location should be easy to access and close to busy areas to generate excitement. Your tent should also stand out so that drivers and pedestrians see it and think to themselves, "Now that's a place I'd like to stop." The more people see your tent, the more likely they'll feel persuaded to stop by for some fireworks. 

Don't forget about parking! You want people to be able to fill their trunks with as many fireworks as their hearts desire. Choose a location with plenty of parking space so it's easy for customers to load up their cars. This will be crucial around holidays and special occasions when people rush to grab fireworks at the last minute. A spot near shops and malls with existing infrastructure and guaranteed foot traffic is an excellent choice. 

2. Double-Check (Then Triple-Check) the Laws

OK, one more thing about laws. When you set up your business, make sure you get to know the state and local laws surrounding the use and sale of fireworks. The more you know, the better you can protect yourself and your customers. Many  states have strict regulations regarding the type of fireworks that can be sold, where a fireworks tent can be set up, when fireworks can be sold and how old customers need to be. Review these laws thoroughly — you don't want to blow up everything (no pun intended) by selling to an underage customer. 

Double-check permitting and licensing requirements. Different cities and counties may require licenses for displaying and selling fireworks. They probably also have zoning regulations dictating where you can set up your fireworks business. 

Take the time to understand how laws affect customers. Explain to your customers how they can safely and legally use fireworks to help them avoid accidental rule-breaking. After all, you want customers to come back for more fireworks, not get scared off by fines and warnings. The better their experience with fireworks, the higher the chance they will become repeat customers — especially if they remember you helped them avoid the trouble! 

3. Get the Best Wholesale Products (Ahem…We Know a Guy)

 Get the Best Wholesale Products

It's simple — the better your products, the better your reviews and chances of repeat business. Fireworks are all about the bang and the fun flashes of color! So if your products don't bang and flash like they are supposed to…you could be in trouble. Find a reputable wholesaler — like us here at Red Apple® — that sells a wide range of quality fireworks that give your customers the bangs, booms and colors they want.

Plus, you need a wholesaler that can supply the fireworks you need. If your city only allows certain products, you need a wholesaler that sells them. You also need to remember who you're selling to. Do you need novelty products for families or big bangs and bright lights for young adults? 

We hope you come to the conclusion that Red Apple® is the only fireworks wholesaler for you. Why? Because our team is dedicated to providing only the best fireworks for you and your customers! Our team travels the world to find the best manufacturers, test products and refine formulas to offer the best bang for your buck. With our vast range of fireworks, you will surely find what you need. 

4. Immerse Yourself in the World of Fireworks

It's time to get serious about fireworks (just a little serious, we promise). A crucial fact you should remember is that fireworks are consumer-level explosives, which is why there are so many regulations regarding the use and sale of fireworks. Beyond knowing what fireworks you can sell and to whom, you must know how to store, transport, handle and use them safely. You should also share this information with your customers. 

Yes, most fireworks come with instructions, but a little reminder now and then can go a long way, especially with families and young adults. Respect that you are working with a low-level explosive and try to share that with your customers. Fireworks are fun and an amazing way to celebrate special occasions and holidays. Taking a few simple precautions ensures everyone is safer when lighting, storing and transporting fireworks. 

On the plus side, the more you know about your products, the easier it will be to recommend products to customers. Most people will want a big bang and lots of pretty colors. But how big a bang do they want, and how many colors? Knowing your products inside out will help you guide customers to the best choice for their needs. Maybe they are looking for kid-friendly fireworks or some simple sparklers to light up the night. 

5. Remember It's All About the Benjamins 

In the buzz and excitement of selling fireworks, it can be easy to forget that you are running a business. Remember that your fireworks stand is a business and needs to be treated as such. Once you have the proper licenses for your fireworks stand, you will need to renew them when needed. You'll also need to register your company, set up a business bank account, organize business taxes and purchase insurance. 

Other small business basics like performing target market research, creating a business plan and developing a marketing strategy will take your fireworks business from amateur to explosive. Understand how your sales will ebb and flow throughout the year to avoid over- or under-ordering. You will be busier around holidays and celebrations and slower during the months in between. Depending on your location, you should also decide if your business will be seasonal or year-round. 

Get Wholesale Fireworks From Red Apple®

Tick one to-do off your list by choosing Red Apple® as your fireworks wholesaler! Our hands-on team ensures we provide high-quality fireworks at great prices. You can browse our extensive collection online or visit one of our locations to learn more amount our products. We can even ship your fireworks to your doorstep in most states. If you're ready to start your fireworks stand, we've got the explosives to wow your customers! 

Get Wholesale Fireworks From Red Apple®

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