April Top Picks with Mike!

April Top Picks with Mike!

Hey party people, it's officially April! You know what that means - we're one step closer to the ultimate summer celebration: the 4th of July! And what better way to gear up for the big day than by stocking up on some seriously explosive fireworks?! 

Last month we showed you some pretty and picturesque fireworks, but this month we're turning up the heat with some in-your-face, rapid-fire effects! So get ready to rock and roll with the Jamrock™ 30-shot XL® Aerial from the Ganja® Brand! With 60 shots packed into 2 boxes of XL® aerials, you'll have a whopping 40 seconds of explosive fun to celebrate 4/20 like a total pro!

Get ready to ride the wave of excitement with the Pulse Wave™ 112-shot Aerial Finale Set®! With two sets packed full of 224 shots and lasting for 200 seconds total, this set will leave you and your friends feeling electrified and ready for more!

And last but certainly not least, we've got the Tokyo Rose™ 192-shot XL® Aerial Finale Set® - the ultimate showstopper that'll keep your audience on the edge of their seats! Packed with 4 boxes of XL aerials and a total of 192 shots, this showstopper will keep you and your audience entertained for up to 160 seconds, making it the perfect grand finale for any fireworks display!

So what are you waiting for? Let's light up the night sky and make some unforgettable memories!

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