Man, the end of the 2021 summer is here already!? How is that possible, that's crazy! After a truly epic Independence Day and our incredible top fireworks for the year, we've arrived at the point where we're about to get pumpkin spiced literally everything before moving onto some super fun holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season.

Buuuuut, before we get there, we wanted to take the time to celebrate you #PyroSquad™ and wish all a Happy Labor Day! Because we know you've worked hard, we want you to BOOM even harder and send off the summer in a terrific fashion. With this summer being crazy (honestly, it's been crazy since 2020 started, amirite!?), we know it's hard to let go of it as it feels like backyard BBQ's, wearing shorts and shooting off summertime fireworks JUST began!

The great thing is that we have time to spend with family, to enjoy the remainder of the beautiful weather, and we have a chance to shoot off some super patriotic fireworks like Liberty Bazooka™ or Daytime Celebration™ to show our pride for our country and communities! Or you can go with the fan favorite of Chroma® or Panda Box™, which are sure to make your families smile! And at the end of the day, that's the most important thing for all of us.


We truly hope you celebrate and enjoy deserved time with your families! It's time to get #litAF™ and #RockYourBlock® for Labor Day. We'll see you soon, #PyroSquad™!


Check Out Chroma®!


Check Out Panda Box™!

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