Mike's Top Picks!

Mike's Top Picks!

    What's good #PyroSquad™!? We know that all have your favorite Top 3 Red Apple® booms and so do we. But you know who else has their own Top 3 Favorite Booms? That's right, your boy Big Mike and you know something? His favorite booms are pretty sweet.

    After helping to design each and every firework under the Red Apple® umbrella, Mike has an in-depth knowledge of not just what looks great, but what sounds and performs to perfection! So without further ado, here are the best booms fireworks, according to Mike!



    These XL® Aerials are the bomb! (Get it? Get it!?!) With low, mid and high display levels, super loud booms, and also being a Finale Set®, the performance of these fireworks are insane! Do not miss out on these!

    Bro, this Sampler® is truly a $#!T show if you want to Blow $#!T Up! 24 canister shells, 12 double break shells & 12 triple break shells, along with 4 fiberglass tubes with everything bursting at a mid and high LOUD levels!

    If you're going to light up fountains, then do it in style! The neon and crackling effects of this beauty of a fountain bring up to 80 seconds of mind blowing colors! And plus, it has sprinkles, so... BONUS!

    There you have it, folks. Some pretty sweet choices from none other than one-half of the Brothers of Boom, Mike! Now it's time for you to fire off Red Apple® fireworks and decide what Top 3 Favorites are YOUR choice!

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