Jun 30th 2021

Independence Day 2021 - A Time to Celebrate!

Independence Day 2021 - A Time to Celebrate!

This is it #Pyrosquad™, that day that we've waited for 364 days to arrive is just about here! That's right, Independence Day... the Fourth of July... our nation's birthday. That fabled day where once every summer, we gather with friends and family to barbecue, relax, and celebrate with one another while living in the freest land in the world. And of course, the day we get to BLOW $#!T UP!

We love our independence and we've created many traditions of our own as a country, with our personal favorite being setting off fireworks. That's right, shooting up and loud, powerful and colorful booms and bangs that all remind us of the battles won and lost, and the lives given to defend our rights. It's a tradition we both love and honor, because it's so engrained within our rebellious souls.

We hear the battle cry, the cry of the rebel, and the sounds of fireworks as something special, for all Americans, anytime they wish to celebrate. But on July 4th, we celebrate a little more, puff our chests out a bit more, and know that if there is anything worth appreciating, it's freedom.

We truly wish you and yours a Happy Independence Day, from all of us here at Red Apple® Fireworks. For us, any time to celebrate is a great time to light up fireworks, but with the meaning behind this day, we hope it helps bring more to the celebrations that you share with your loved ones.

Happy July 4th, folks!

- The Red Apple® Team -