The Top 10 Sparklers for 2024


Looking for awesome fireworks that are family-friendly? Look no further than sparklers! These perennial favorites are perfect for every occasion—from the 4th of July to New Year’s—and can be used by children and adults alike. While every sparkler is unique, we’ve narrowed down our top 10 picks for 2024.

Crowd in front of fireworks


Whether you’re looking for simple in-the-moment enjoyment or a delightful start to a bigger fireworks display, our best sparklers suit every event.

18” Gold Metal Sparklers

Go for the gold! This shimmering set offers 600 total crackling 18-inch sparklers with a staggering 51,000 seconds of burn time. Everyone loves sparklers, and this is a fun novelty item that can help you get the show started before the big guns are broken out.

Let’s Sparkle Spinning Sparkler

Like a record, baby, this sparkler spins us right round. Erupting in tones of glittery gold, this party staple features seven spinning sparklers on one hand-held device.

14” Moon Flower Sparklers

Are you looking for a unique option for your next bar color show? If so, you might be interested in these amazing handheld fireworks. They crackle, have an amazing strobe effect, create glitter, and feature multiple colors including neon green, yellow, red, and white.

Neon Sparklers

Relive the ‘80s with these eye-catching neon sparklers! Bursting in bold blue, green, purple, red, and yellow tones, these crackling sparklers are perfect for Throwback Thursdays and new celebrations alike. They are the perfect option to kick off your firework show, so take a look at the beautiful display these neon sparklers can create during your fireworks celebration.

Rainbow Waterfall Handheld Fountain

If you are looking for sparklers that can do it all, go chasin’ waterfalls with this wonderfully wild collection of rainbow fountains! With 200 total fountains and 4400 seconds of performance time, you’ll enjoy endless waterfall arrays in six neon and metallic colors and four epic effects. It features a wide variety of colors, including silver, neon yellow, red, purple, green, and blue. Enjoy a sparkler send-off with effects including waterfalls, fountains of sparks, stars, and pearls.

Shotgun 36” Gold Sparklers

Are you looking for sparklers that can put a smile on anyone's face? If so, you might be interested in these fireworks. Stay 24-carat fresh with this 24-pack set of golden sparklers, each offering eye-catching crackling effects in gorgeous gold tones.

Shogun Morning Glory Sparklers

If you need multi-colored sparklers, then these are a popular option. The crackle features an array of different colors, and burn for plenty of time. Packed with a whopping 2160 sparklers, they’re great for practicing your sparkler writing before the big fireworks start going off.

Wedding Sparklers

It’s a nice day for a white wedding sparkler! This set of 144 set the stage with beautiful crackling effects in shimmery golden hues, creating a perfect opportunity for sparkler photos.

Morning Glory 14” Sparklers

If you need a large number of fireworks, then you may be interested in these specialty sparklers, which include more than 2,100 sparklers! With multi-colored effects, loud crackles, and a nice sizzling action, everyone will love twirling around one of these sparklers in their hands.

Yin-Yang Sparklers

Are you looking for sparklers that have two contrasting colors? If so, you'll love these yin-yang sparklers, which feature gold and silver. They create a nice crackling noise, have a long-lasting effect, and are perfect for people of all ages.

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