The Top 10 Novelty Fireworks for 2024

From sparklers and handheld fountains to bang snaps and crackling balls, novelty fireworks provide spectacular ground displays for all kinds of celebrations. If you’re unsure what types of fireworks to include in your show to make it unforgettable, we've got you covered with the best ten novelty fireworks of 2022.

Sumo Snaps Adult Snappers (case) 

Go big or go home. Sumo style. Fresh from the minds at Red Apple, we made the crowd pleasing Sumo Snaps. These were made for the type of people who aren't satisfied by anything but by the biggest snap-tastic-impact. Grab yourself some and once you hear a Sumo Snap at you, you won't be able to hide that big Sumo smile! :)

Rainbow Waterfall Handheld Fountain (case)

Start your night off or even end it with these must have unique, neon colored hand held fountains. The waterfall effect shoots out a bright colored star shaped waterfall with bright neon colors that crackle! You also get up to 110 seconds of fun for each fountain.

Ice Cream Cone Fountains (case) 

Up to 80 seconds of pure deliciousness with these Ice Cream Cone Fountains! From the neon and crackling effects, to the beautiful colors, these fountains are the sweetest. Don't these neon colored treats that will surely remind of eating all the sprinkles!

Spinning Flowers (case)

If you're looking for spinners, then you've found the best of the best right here! With a multicolored assortment of bright, neon colors to match an insane spin, coupled with crackling, you've got yourself a top shelf spinner.

Zed-Shredder Handheld Fountains (case)

 Zed Shredder™ is a unique and safe fountain the whole family can enjoy. Unlike most fountains it is designed for you to hold it, just hold the handle and light the end to enjoy a fantastic display of sparks, stars and dandelions. Along with multiple neon colors including gold, blue, red and yellow along with the loud crackling of the sparks. Have fun with this holdable fountain with no worries!

Zed-Bombs M-1000 Cracker Box Style (case) 

 "You're making enough noise to raise the dead," they said. "Exactly," we said in return! These crackers are LOUD and they are awesome! You definitely need to hear there bad boys, and trust us, they're loud enough that you will!


Rainbow Blade Handheld Fountains (case) 

 Where fireworks meet fantasy in a fiery duel of colors! Unleash your inner warrior and dazzle your guests with this flaming handheld sword that's more sizzle than a dragon's breath. Get ready to spar with sparks, waterfalls, and crackling fire in a rainbow of hues that will leave everyone in awe. With each flick and thrust, you'll command a symphony of effects - from crackling excitement to a sparkling fountain and a cascading waterfall of light. Grab your Rainbow Blade™ and let the battle of brilliance begin!

Apple Bombs™ Crackling Balls

Forget ordinary snacks; with a case of 300 Crackling Balls, you'll be serving up a feast for the senses that's anything but boring. Get ready for a flavor explosion with effects that include bangs, crackling surprises, and sparkling stars that will light up your night. Bite into excitement with Apple Bombs™ - because who said fireworks can't be deliciously fun?

Neon Fire™ Color-Changing Campfire Powder

 "The ultimate campfire companion that adds a kaleidoscope of colors to your outdoor adventures! Watch in awe as your campfire transforms into a mesmerizing display of ever-changing hues, lighting up the night sky with a vibrant dance of colors. With Neon Fire™, every crackle and pop will be a technicolor delight, making each campfire a magical experience you'll never forget!

Zap Gun™ Handheld Fountains

 Get ready to unleash a symphony of zaps, crackles, and sparks that will electrify the night with hands-on fun. Lock and load your wand to paint the night with shades of purple, silver, and orange - creating a dazzling spectacle that will leave everyone in awe. It's time to light up the night sky and turn your party into a blastastic adventure with Zap Gun™ Handheld Fountains!