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Diversify your firework collection with this huge selection of our best fireworks assortments. With everything from delightful ground effects to show-stopping aerial displays, each assortment of fireworks will liven up any celebration with their dazzling colors and effects.

Crowd in front of fireworks


Are you looking for the best new fireworks available? If you want to entertain a crowd, you could be interested in setting off a few fireworks. Of course, they come in all shapes and forms, so you might be wondering which ones to use.

You may want to start off with a few sparklers, or you might want to pass out a few popping caps. Eventually, it will be time to launch the fireworks into the air. What are a few of the top new fireworks you should consider adding to your display? Shop these new explosives at Red Apple Fireworks.

High Rise 35 Shots Aerials

This is one of the top cases of fireworks because it has a total of 70 shots, launches high into the air, and has one of the longest durations available. It can be seen from a great distance, and it fires at multiple angles. Check out a video of this beauty here.

Dead Head Barrage Finale

If you are looking for something you can use for your finale, you might be interested in the Dead Head barrage finale. This is an incredibly loud, bright firework that has been specifically designed for an unbelievable finale. It has a total of 129 shots, and it can last as long as 25 seconds. Consider incorporating this into your next show.

The Buddha Barrage

If you are looking for something truly unique, then check out the Buddha Barrage. There is nothing quite like it. Even though a lot of people associate Buddhas with peace and tranquility, this firework show is sure to get the attention of everyone with impressive style and flair. Why not take a look at this show for yourself with this video?

The Galaxies Aerial Flair

If you are looking for another amazing firework to add to your display, then take a look at the Galaxies Aerial Finale. This is a high-flying firework show that could be the perfect ending to your celebration. With an amazing display of colors, lights, and sounds, this can bring your entire show together and will certainly leave you wanting to put on another display soon.

Ice Cream Cone Fountains

If you are looking for something that is loud and will last a long time, you might be interested in Ice Cream Cone fountains. This display features neon and crackling effects that add to its decibel level! Enjoy this display while eating a delicious ice cream cone yourself.

Meteor Gun

If you are looking for something that is truly going to test the eardrums, consider going with the amazing meteor gun. It will last up to 30 seconds, and features some of the loudest bangs available. This is not going to disappoint, so why not take a look at the video here?

Banshee Aerials

Don't overlook the Banshee Aerials case of fireworks. It comes from one of the best brands of fireworks in the world, and is certainly one of the best fireworks of 2021. These fireworks are incredibly loud, fire straight up, and can last for up to 30 seconds. They are perfect for your finale!

Tiger's Roar Fountain

You might also want to try the Tiger’s Roar fountain, which has one of the longest durations available. It is perfect for your finale and will leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends your show. It will certainly have you envisioning a tiger as it goes off! Take a look at the video here!

Crackling Attack Roman Candles

Want to “wow” everyone at the next show? If so, then check out these Roman candles! Every package has 10, so you have plenty to spread out. Roman candles are among the most versatile fireworks available, so make sure to incorporate these into your next big show.

Kira 36 Shots Aerials XL

If you want to go above and beyond during your next show, then you definitely need to check out these Kira aerials. They fly high, go far, bang loud, and put on an amazing display. They have everything you could ever want in a firework, so make sure to add these to your list.

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