The 10 Best Roman Candles for 2024

Ah, the classic Roman Candle. Whether you’re new to setting off fireworks or a seasoned professional, there’s no debating the delight of shooting bright bursts into the sky with one of these perennial favorites—and while it was hard, we’ve finally narrowed down our list to the best roman candles.


Ghost Candles 5-Shots XL Roman Candles (case)

Ghost Candles contain 100 candles, each with 5 shots of ghastly good effects and colors including red, green, gold and silver! Special effects include a rare wave pattern followed by tails and bangs of dandelions, brocade crowns and strobe glitter!



Buddha Bag 10 Shots Standard Roman Candles (case)

Our Buddha Bag Standard Roman Candles contain 24 candles in each bag with 10 shots each in red, yellow, green, blue and purple colors with effects including Bang, Comet, Crackling and Stars!



Crackling Attack 10 Shots Roman Candles (case)

When these rockets get launched, they go crackling all the way into the sky! All 17 inches of these rocket attack the night sky with a beautiful gold effect, leaving a gorgeous tail!

Pagoda Pack 10-Shots Roman Candle Packs (case)

These 10 shot Roman Candles are as sacred as they are beautiful! With many colors and cool effects, these Candles are something special. Make sure you pick some of these sacred bad boys up!

Cat Candlez 10 Shots Roman Candles (case)

Don't make a cat-astrophic mistake and miss out on these Roman Candles! At 17 inches, these loud bangs come with a tail and a multitude of colors, with both mid and high level displays. So make sure that you're the Cat's Meow and get your paws on some!

Death Disco 8-Shots XL Roman Candles (case)

Death Disco Large Roman Candles bring whistling torpedo like sounds to fill the sky with bright colors of blue, purple and red! Comet and tail effects carry these candles into the sky with a bang and plenty of long tails and crackling sounds!