The 10 Best Fountain Fireworks for 2024

With their dazzling bursts of color and fantastic effects, fountains offer brilliant ground displays that can light up the night or jazz up the daytime. With all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from, your fountain options are nearly endless. Luckily, we've helped narrow them down for you with this convenient list of our ten favorite fountain fireworks. So let's check out the best!

Rainbow Waterfall Handheld Fountain

Start your night off or even end it with these must have unique, neon colored hand held fountains. The waterfall effect shoots out a bright colored star shaped waterfall with bright neon colors that crackle! You also get up to 110 seconds of fun for each fountain.

Ice Cream Cone Fountains  

Up to 80 seconds of pure deliciousness with these Ice Cream Cone Fountains! From the neon and crackling effects, to the beautiful colors, these fountains are the sweetest. Don't these neon colored treats that will surely remind of eating all the sprinkles!

Zed-Shredder Handheld Fountains 

Zed Shredder™ is a unique and safe fountain the whole family can enjoy. Unlike most fountains it is designed for you to hold it, just hold the handle and light the end to enjoy a fantastic display of sparks, stars and dandelions. Along with multiple neon colors including gold, blue, red and yellow along with the loud crackling of the sparks. Have fun with this holdable fountain with no worries!

Rainbow Blade Handheld Fountains

Our Rainbow Blade Handheld Fountains are safe to hold and next level to entry level sparklers with Crackling, Waterfall effects in Red, Orange, Gold, Purple and Blue for a superior cascading fountain display with a 40 second duration!

Tiger's Roar XL Fountain

Looking for a large fountain that gives a lengthy show? Spartan Scream checks both boxes with it's bright gold and red colors during a up to 150 second long performance. Don't forget about the loud crackling and whistling that is sure to provides a unique quality to this reliable fountain!

Glowing Lotus XL Fountain (case)

Multiple colors and multiple effects make the Glowing Lotus Fountain truly something special to behold! With a loud volume and lasting up to 70 seconds for performance duration, these little beauties will light your night in a glorious manner!