The Top 10 Best Fireworks Assortments from Red Apple

The best fireworks assortments and sets from Red Apple are here! Explore novelties, fountains, rockets, and more. From fun ground effects to dazzling aerial assortments, we've chosen our Top 10 Firework Assortments for your next celebration.

Red Apple's Best Fireworks Assortments 


Lucky 13 159-Shots Finale Set Box (case)

The Poker® Lucky 13™ 159 Shot Finale Set Box™ is all you'll ever need for an amazing show! With 10 unique aerials and 3 canister shell kits, you get the best of both worlds! This very loud Finale Set Box™ lasts up to 40 minutes and gives you high-display effects and each firework comes with its own built-in finale! You'll love Full House™, Jackpot™, Pocket Kings™, Ante Up™, Full Tilt™, Dead Draw™, Bankroll™, No Limit™, Let it Ride™, and Dealer's Choice™! Full of insane colors and effects including purples, blues, reds, and multiple neon colors that burst into bangs, barrages, dahlias, willows, brocade crowns, and so much more, The Poker® Lucky 13™ Finale Set Box™ is all you'll ever need!



Unicorn Box Fireworks Samplers (case)

Bring home the Unicorn Box Ground Effect Samplers from Doom to delight the unicorn, caticorn or pandicorn lover in your life or neighborhood! One case contains 3 sampler sets to be enjoyed or shared at the next unicorn themed party or celebration! Now we all know that unicorns love glitter and shoot rainbow waterfalls of color! Colors and effects include metallic silver and gold, rainbow bright colors of red, green, blue and yellow and whistling, crackling, waterfall effects complete with strobes and glitter!



Cobra Box Fireworks Samplers (case)

The Red Apple® Cobra Box™ Fireworks Sampler® is an intense lineup that contains up to 60 minutes of ground and aerial fireworks, including Roman candles, artillery shells, fountains, and sick aerials, of course! Enjoy beautiful blues, golds, greens, reds, silvers, whites, yellows, and so much more with effects like bangs, barrage rapid fire, stars, peonies, Dandelions® whistles, and waves, just to name a few! Each Sampler® gives you 61 fireworks to light with 330 total shots! Get the case and get 3 Samplers® for a total of 180 minutes, 183 fireworks, and 990 shots!



Canna-Box Fireworks Sampler (case)

It's not what is in this Sampler, it's what ISN'T in this Sampler! With over a dozen of both canister shells and aerials, along with 5 fountains and 1 barrage candle, you're getting both aerial and ground effects! Plus, you're getting 11 effects in 11 different colors in the ultimate way to get #LitAF, man!

Giant Panda Box Finale Set Box (case)

It's not "what does this box have in it?" It's "what does this box NOT have in it!?!" The Giant Panda Box™ has everything you need to #RockYourBlock®! 24 assorted 6" XXL™ Canister Shells, 4 fiberglass launching tubes, 8 XL® Aerials, 1 Barrage Finale™ & 6 Standard Aerials. Get #litAF™ with 16 different effects, 10 super-bright neon colors & 648 total shots!