The 10 Best Firecrackers for 2024 | Red Apple Fireworks

Who doesn’t love a classic firecracker? These fan favorites are the perfect way to kick off every event and offer awesome colors, effects, and sounds to please a variety of crowds. While it feels impossible to pick our top 10, we’ve narrowed it down to the best firecrackers for this upcoming year.

Electro Bangers™ Flash Snaps

Faster than an Ork, louder than a thirsty Nazgûl and brighter than the Star of Eärendil. The Electro Bangers™ flash gold and give one hard-ass bang that will rule them all. These flash snaps put Gandalf's cracker to shame. Get your precious!

Red Apple® Bombs 100 Strip Flash Crackers

We know how our Pyro fans love a good show. So we bring it hard! The Red Apple® Bomb strips give you a flash cracker show that'll blow your briefs off. In the words of Maximus — are you not entertained?

Barrel Bombs® 40 Shot XL® Barrage Crackers

The Red Apple® Barrel Bombs® are a slice of pyro-dise. Just like the Trojan Horse looks tame on the outside but has hellfire buried within, these bombs are a spark away from kaboom.

Year of the Dragon™ Roll of 16,000 Firecrackers

The Year of Dragon Roll Firecrackers™ will give you flames. The gold and silver bangs and dandelion™ spews will leave you feeling lucky all night. Light up and release the beast with these limited-edition bombs. Fire!

Red Apple® Bombs 16 Shot Full Brick Flash Crackers

Is that Swat? A flaming comet? Nope, it’s just the dopest Red Apple® Fire Bomb bricks lighting up the night. Get a full-on bang and dandelion™ spray of gold and silver with these 12,800 flash crackers.

Antidote 200 Shot XXL™ Barrage Crackers

Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? With these Antidote XXL™ Barrage Crackers, you can blow the living dead to smithereens and have a blast while doing it. Get those metallic bangs, spitfires and deathly dandelions™ locked 'n loaded.

Sumo® Snaps Adult Snappers

You feel the earth shake under your feet. You look up in confusion and then excitement. No, it's not an earthquake, but our sumo® snaps coming to revive any party. Throw, pop or slam them for an epic smackdown of boredom.

Red Apple® Bombs 25 Shot M-1000 Firecrackers in Box

Is that a cracker in your pocket? Oh, yeah! We know you’re happy to see us. The Red Apple® Bomb has got everyone hyped up, hot and ready to pop. One small cracker, one giant bang for mankind. Get ready to blow up!

Canna-Bombs™ 50 Shot M-1000 Cracker Bag Style

If you like to keep things grounded, you’ll love the Canna-Bomb™ crackers. Get buzzed with the silver and gold pops and a thrilling high from the loud-ass bangs as you light up. Good times are just how we roll!

Boba-Bombs™ 60 Shot M-1000 Cracker Pipe Style

What's that popping noise? No, it's not the pearls in the bottom of your boba but the sound of our Boba Bombs™! These compact crackers sure know how to pack a punch while still being as sweet as your favorite drink.