The 10 Best Finale Sets for 2024


Our aerial finale sets include cases of multi-shot aerial cake repeaters, launching dazzling explosions high in the sky. Think of it as a fireworks show in a box: light them off one after another, or all at once for an unforgettable pyrotechnic display. Now let us show you best!

Celebrations 48-Shots Large Aerial Finale Set (case)

July 4th isn't the only time you can celebrate with fireworks! Whether it's your birthday, New Year's, a wedding, graduation, retirement, promotion, or even just a regular party, there is always an opportunity to light off amazing fireworks! Pyrostar® gives you Celebrations!™, a 48 Shot Large Aerial Finale Set® that is perfect for any type of celebration all year long! You'll love all 4 of these large aerials including Happy Birthday!™, Celebrate!™, Happy New Year!™, and Party Time!™ as they fill the sky at mid- and high-display levels for up to 100 seconds in blue, gold, green, purple, red, and white. Bangs, barrages, dahlias, Dandelions®, palms, tails, strobe, glitter, and crackling break very loud at a single angle in the sky with finales built in to each aerial! Celebrate with Celebrations!™ this year!

Thank You For Your Service! 72-Shots Large Aerial Finale Set (case)

With deep appreciation, Red Apple Fireworks designed this 72-Shots Large Aerial Finale Set just for you! Members of the military, first responders, this is for you! The Large Aerial Finale Cakes in this case combine to display colors of blue, gold, green, purple, red, and silver! Add effects of loud bangs, crackling, dahlia, glittering strobe with tails and willows, and you have a celebration indeed! A salute to you - use to start the show or finsh with a grand finale! Perfect for all good times!

Moons 72-Shots Large Aerial Finale Set (case)

The Pyrostar® Moons™ 72 Shot Large Aerial Finale Set® will take you to some of our solar system's most famous moon orbits and back again! Europa™, Titan™, Atlas™, Pandora™, Calypso™, and Telesto™ give you otherworldly colors and effects like red, green, neon blue, neon purple, yellow, bright white, silver, and gold that erupt high in the sky with bangs, barrages, crackling, dahlias, chrysanthemums, brocade crowns, strobe, glitter, and stars! With each 12 shot large aerial lasting up to 25 seconds, this Finale Set® has almost 2 minutes of intense fireworks that you can't miss!

Galaxies 100-Shots XL Aerial Finale Set (case)

With the Pyrostar® Galaxies™ 100 Shot XL® Aerial Finale Set®, your fireworks show will be the talk of the universe! Dahlias, bangs, barrage rapid fire, palms, pearls, chrysanthemums, strobe, glitter, and crackling fill the sky in stunning multicolored neons like red, green, blue, purple, yellow, silver, gold, and white! Spiral Galaxy™, Comet Galaxy™, Pinwheel Galaxy™, and Stardust Galaxy™ are sure to make aliens wish they could party at your house at your next event!

Tiki Assault 84-Shots Large Aerial Finale Set (case)

Our Tiki® Assault 84 Shot Large Aerial Finale Set® is a unique set packed with rare aerial effects including Falling Leaves, Time Rain, and Fish! Complete with loud bangs, Comets, Willows, Crackling and Strobe/Glitter effects. This Tiki® Assault will leave you wondering.. or wishing you were whisked away to a desert island, kidnapped by savages, crowned as their leader and thrown into a firey volcano to prove your worthiness!

Electric 64-Shots XL Aerial Finale Set (case)

Electric Jellyfish™, Electric Octopus™, Electric Nautilus™, and Electric Urchin™ make up the awesome Pyrostar® Electric™ 64 Shot XL® Finale Set® with huge booms and gorgeous colors! Filled with golds, reds, greens, purples, neon blues, bright whites, and silvers, each bang, barrage, willow, palm, time rain, strobe, and glitter are very loud and shoot high into the sky! With finales built in to every 16 shot aerial, you'll feel electrified by Electric™!


4 Queens 64 Shots Standard Aerial Finale Set (case)

These 4 Queens rule over the skies like they rule over the poker tables! Man, so many killer breaks and loud booms, coupled with 7 insane neon colors and 9 sweet effects. Don't miss out on these ladies or you'll regret it the next time you roll on the river!


#litAF! 135 Shots XL Aerial Finale Set (case)

Get patriotic AF with #litAF XL Aerial Set! Pure red, white and blue, firing off both low and high displays levels, and 7 different effects, these bad boys will finish off any firework show perfectly. USA! USA!! USA!!!

Swords 136-Shots XL Aerial Finale Set (case)

The Pyrostar® Swords™ 136 Shot XL® Aerial Finale Set® has some crazy-intense colors and effects that will become a must-have for all your shows! With bangs, barrages, comets, dahlias, peonies, palms, spinning tails, whistles, willows, and so much more, this 104-second Finale Set® will have you running back to get more! Liquid Swords™, Butterfly Swords™, Gemini Swords™, and Lightning Swords™ fill the sky at mid- to high-display levels at all 3 angles with finales built in! Each of the very loud bangs give you a ton of color, including gold, neon blue, neon green, neon purple, neon red, silver, and vivid white to give you one of the best Finale Sets® you will ever find!

Bomb Box 144 Shots XL Aerial Finale Set (case)

Man, are these aerials the bomb! From low to mid, all the way to high, the colors and effects are enough to blow your mind! These are truly a special Finale Set®!