The 10 Best Artillery Shells for 2024

A long-lasting fan favorite, mortar fireworks launch glorious aerial fireworks high into the sky for the perfect celebration. Whether you’re feeling gloriously patriotic or boldly interstellar, this must-have collection showcases the Red Apple expert’s top picks for the year’s ten best mortar and artillery shells.

Chroma 5-Inch XL Canister Shells (case)

Introducing the New Standard™ in canister shells: Red Apple® Chroma® 5 Inch XL® Canister Shells! Unlike other standard canister shells, Chroma® gives you premium-style effects that blow everything else out of the water! Each shell is hand-crafted to give you the best effects and brightest colors so you get the best of the best with every break! You'll be astonished with insanely bright colors like neon blue, neon green, neon purple, neon red, neon yellow, silver, gold, and white that explode high into the sky with bangs, brocade crowns, dahlias, Dandelions™, willows, stars, and so much more! If you've been looking for a stellar shell kit that gives you huge BOOMS, you gotta get Chroma®, the New Standard™ in canister shells!


Geisha 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells (case)

Serving out sheer beauty, booming explosions, and a shower of colors, these XXL canisters are a must for any firework show! The crowning, apple blossom and dandelion effects would be enough to wow, but the mix of gorgeous colors sends it right over the top. Wow... just wow!


Bombas De La Muerte 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells (case)

 Celebrate the 'Day of the Dead' with a case of Bombas De La Muerta 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells! Bring the night sky to life with bright colors of pink, purple, blue and orange while large and rare flower effects of Falling Leaves, Willow, Palm and Dandelion! These effects will have you dreaming of sugar skulls and roses all through the night!

Ganja Moon Rocks 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells (case)-

Our Moon Rocks 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells will blast you to the moon and back with a very-loud, sky-full experience that includes the rare Pistil and Red Apple Blossom effects followed by Peony, Time Rain, and Crackling! Rare colors include Pink, Yellow, Orange and Green for a true blast to a swingin' 1969 past when man first landed on the moon!

Ganja Killa 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells (case)

Our Ganja Killa 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells don't leave a single color or effect out for a Killa fireworks experience exclusive to our Ganja brand! Colors of pink, green, orange, yellow and silver fill the sky with rare effects including Red Apple Blosson, Pistil and Dahlia complete with Brocade Crown, Crackling, Willow, Time Rain, Bang and Palm.


Giant Panda 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells (case)

The Giant Panda 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells are here bringing the biggest sound to a variety of mine and tails effects and the exclusive Red Apple Blossom! Check out the variety of colors to complement all 12 effects including dandelion, willow, palm, comets and tails! 

Sugar Skulls 6 Inch XXL Canister Shells (case)

All the colors, all the effects! No, seriously. With six neon colors (plus gold and silver) and over 10 different effects - like the Brocade Crown and Red Apple Blossom - these astounding canisters bring the thunder!

Kobushi 6-Inch XXL Canister Shells (case)

Lighting the the sky on fire has never looked as easy as it does with Kobushi™! The crown and willowing effects matched with the gold, red and silver colors ignite the skies while the thundering booms make sure you're always looking to the heavens!