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Ready to save money AND stock up on all your favorite fireworks? From epic finale sets and samplers, to dazzling aerials and fountains, our gotta-have discount firework collection (at gotta-have prices!) gives you the most bang for your buck in every way possible.

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Learn about our awesome collection of discounted aerials, missiles, finale sets, and more, perfect for every occasion!

Dead Head 129-Shots Barrage Finale

It’s enough of a show to wake the dead! Bursting with wild neon and gold tones, this bold barrage packs 129 shots and six eye-catching bang, comet, crackling, peony, tail, and glitter/strobe effects.

High Rise 35-Shots XL Aerials

Double your fun with two—count ‘em, two!— awesome XL aerials. Packed with 35 shots each, these oversized delights burst with a staggering 10 mid- to high-level effects in shimmering metallic and bold neon colors

Buddha Barrage 162-Shots Barrage Finale

Who says zen has to be quiet? Light up the night with this epic 162-shot barrage finale, booming with wonderfully loud sound effects, bold neon and gold colors, and nine incredible low, mid, and high-level effects.

Galaxies 100-Shots XL Aerial Finale Set

Take your fireworks game to galactic levels with four XL aerial boxes offering 100 action-packed shots! With a whopping 100 seconds of display time, these popular fireworks have nine neon and metallic tones, 10 incredible effects, and delightfully loud booms.

Ice Cream Cone Fountains

Talk about a sweet display! These ice cream cone-inspired fountains delight children and adults alike with four neon colors, two metallic tones, and five dazzling effects—including dessert-worthy rainbow sprinkles.

Meteor Gun 21-Shots XL Aerials

It’s time for a meteoric rise. Perfect for lighting up the night sky, this set of two XL aerial boxes offer a total of 42 shots and 60 seconds of performance time, as well as eight wild neon and metallic colors and seven high-level display delightful effects.

PYROmoji XXL Smoke Balls

Smoookin’! These cheerful XXL neon yellow smoke balls provide a wild 1,200 seconds of performance time and come in five fabulous emoji faces (perfect for every occasion!).

14" Moon Flower Sparklers

10 Boxes. 1000 Sparklers. 30,000 seconds of performance time. Need we say anymore? Oh, and they come in four bold and neon colors with classic crackling and strobe/glitter effects.

Banshee 30-Shots XL Aerials

What a scream! Get ready for a wild ride with this set of two XL aerial boxes, offering a total of 60 epic shots, 60 seconds of performance time, and built-in finale displays in four bold and neon colors and seven awesome effects.

Tiger's Roar XL Fountain

It’s the thrill of the fight with this big-cat-inspired fountain set! Roaring with 310 seconds of performance time, these two XL fountains burst with seven neon, metallic, and classic colors in seven epic and howling effects.

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