Are Fireworks Legal in Nevada?



Yes! Well, for the most part. Fireworks might be the most fun thing in the world (trust us), but they do come with a lot of rules and regulations. That’s why we’ve broken down the laws for you to keep you safe, having fun, and compliant when purchasing fireworks online.

Crowd observing fireworks


Each county in Nevada has its own specific fireworks laws, with some requiring a “Safe- N-Sane” emblem and protocol. In some counties, fireworks designated as consumer fireworks are permitted in some areas only. No person is allowed to discharge fireworks of any class in a county where the discharge of fireworks is prohibited.

Safety Tip: It’s not only illegal, but also wildly dangerous, to discharge fireworks within 100 feet of a location where gasoline or any other flammable liquid is stored. Use your fireworks safely!

You can find more information on the State Fire Marshal’s website or by checking out your local laws.


In general, Nevada’s legal fireworks include fall into two categories:

Display Fireworks (aka commercial fireworks) are legal for organizations with the proper display permits and insurance. Fireworks operators must also apply and pay for relevant certificates, and must pass a licensing exam. All operators must be 21 years of age.

Consumer Fireworks (yep, just as it sounds) have stricter laws:

  • Specifically permitted: Fireworks designated as consumer fireworks in some areas only
  • Specifically prohibited: Dangerous fireworks, including aerial displays, products that explode on impact or by friction, and large firecrackers.

Important: Both display and consumer fireworks are illegal at all times and in all counties in the following locations:

  • Streets and sidewalks
  • On any city, state, or federal property (including recreational areas and parks)
  • Within any school district property

This means you can’t use fireworks at Nevada landmarks, including Red Rock, Death Valley, Leak Mead, Mount Charleston, and Spring Mountain. It’s a bummer, we know, but better safe than sorry!


It varies by county, but here are some key dates and details:

Clark County (includes Las Vegas)

    • Fireworks can be purchased and used between June 28 and July 4
    • All fireworks must have the “Safe-N-Sane” emblem
    • These fireworks don’t leave the ground, explode, or rocket once shot, and include sparklers, whistlers, smokers, and ground fountains
    • Fireworks must be sold by licensed vendors approved by the fire department, and sold in special booths


Nye County

    • You can legally purchase all fireworks—including non-“Safe-N-Sane” fireworks—but:
    • It’s illegal to actually use any fireworks in Nye County that aren’t rated “1.4” on the explosive power measuring scale (you can legally use sparklers, some firecrackers, and some ground-effect products, but check with county officials to be safe)
    • All other fireworks must be taken outside of the county within 24 hours of purchase


Washoe County (includes Reno)

    • Fireworks are not permitted in the county…
    • Except in the Pyramid Lake area, which falls within the reservation of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe
    • Fireworks are legal year-round with a permit, which allows use at “shooting beaches” (any beach from Blockhouse Beach to Indian Head Beach)
    • Fireworks are only allows on those beaches from dusk until midnight


Native American Reservations

  • It’s also helpful to note that fireworks are allowed on some reservations in Nevada. Many sell and generally allow the use of fireworks year-round within the reservation boundaries.
  • Fireworks must be purchased from tribally licensed vendors within the reservation boundaries, and can’t be discharged or resold outside the area.
  • Purchasers receive a written permit at the time of sale, making it legal discharge those fireworks at sites designated by the appropriate Tribal Council. As in Nye County, many approved locations include specific “shooting beaches.”



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