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Our Red Apple Fireworks team loves fireworks, especially those that spark nostalgia. If you're shopping for rocket parachute fireworks or Army man parachute fireworks, you probably have something special in mind and want to create an unforgettable event in the sky for your family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else in the vicinity. Each parachute firework comes packed into a launch tube and rockets powerfully into the sky with a crackle, then floats gently back to the ground. It has everything, so what's not to love?

We work with the best manufacturers in the business, traveling the world to source only the highest-quality, most innovative products. Best of all, we offer wholesale pricing discounts to everyone plus shipping to your door! Has buying fireworks ever been this easy? Check out why our customers love Red Apple. And if you have any questions as you browse, hit up our Help Center or customer care team.

What are parachute fireworks?

Parachute fireworks are launchable rocket-type pyrotechnics. Alongside the sparkle and glimmer, they feature a tube filled with a miniature parachute that deploys once launched, then gently glides back down to Earth.

Some of them feature a small but distinct cracking sound once they reach their pinnacle while others are silent. Use these fireworks in the brightest daylight or at night as long as you have some ambient lighting to watch as the parachutes make their way back to the earth. Some models feature two parachutes or army man parachute fireworks to add to the spectacle and spark imagination.

What are the different kinds of parachute fireworks?

Some parachute pyrotechnics are meant for daytime use and others for nighttime celebrations. Beyond that, choose from single-shots or multiple-shots, meaning you can enjoy watching one parachute descend, or you can choose to watch multiple parachutes fall from one canister shot. With single-shot parachutes, you can enjoy a much larger parachute, sometimes up to 40-inches or more. The Parachute Battalion offers 12 parachutes and up to 30-seconds of active time in the sky.

How do you use parachute fireworks safely?

As a serious pyrotechnics fan, you've probably done your safety homework. Just in case you're new, remember to wear safety goggles and gloves, and set up in an open space, like a field with no one in the launch or landing zones. Keep your fireworks in their respective boxes until you are ready to launch, so you have everything you need and can refer to the instructions.

We work with the best fireworks manufacturers to ensure peak quality and safety for all of our fireworks products, so you never need to worry. As long as you know the basic safety standards and follow the product instructions, you won't encounter any problems. Further, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always talk to our team! Learn more about general fireworks safety guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.