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Sky Show Samplers®

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Sky Show Finale Samplers by Red Apple®

Aerials, artillery shells and fountains — oh my! Stun your audience with Red Apple®'s Sky Show Finale Samplers. Our finale sampler packs come with aerial and ground effects fireworks of all colors and effects for a remarkable firework finale. 

What Are Sky Show Finale Samplers?

Your sampler pack will come with everything you need to create a stunning finale. Each Sky Show Finale Sampler pack comes with more than 40 aerial and ground effects fireworks and over 300 shots for 30-60 minutes of show-stopping firework skyscapes. They're perfect for weddings, holidays, birthdays, New Year parties, barbecues and any other special occasion! 

How Did Fireworks Originate?

Did you know the first firework was a 10th-century flamethrower made of gun-powder-packed bamboo? And, the first-ever firecracker was rolled paper filled with gun powder and a fuse. 

Fortunately, Red Apple® fireworks are far more advanced than powder-packed bamboo. We round the globe several times per year, searching for the perfect materials and manufacturers to create the most eye-catching and vibrant firework displays everyone will enjoy! 

How Are Sky Show Finale Samplers Used?

Sky Show Finale Samplers come with aerial and ground effects fireworks, so the possibilities are endless! You can use your Finale Sampler set as the ending display for a significant event, or you can keep it on hand and use the fireworks individually to draw out the fun for several weeks or multiple events. 

Are They Safe?

Sky Show Finale Samplers are safe to use. Red Apple® fireworks meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) testing criteria. Always read the warning labels that come with each firework, and follow the individual instructions carefully. 

And as always — remember to have fun!

Why Order From Red Apple®?

We work hard to make your experience with Red Apple® as unforgettable as your firework finales. Learn more about what the Red Apple® experience is like: 

  • Home or terminal delivery: Red Apple® conveniently delivers your fireworks straight to your door! Or, if you'd rather have us ship your pallet to the shipping center nearest you, our Warehouse Team will palletize your order and ship it out. Then, we'll send a tracking link straight to your email and your Red Apple® online account. Once your pallet arrives, the terminal will call to arrange your pickup. 
  • Exceptional service: Our friendly, fun-loving team is happy to answer any questions you might have — visit us in-store or call us today! 
  • Impressive fireworks: At Red Apple®, we're crazy about fireworks. Half the fun is coming up with innovative and exciting ideas for new ones! We're hands-on with brainstorming, designing, refining and rigorously testing our fireworks to make sure they outdo your expectations. 

Order Your Sky Show Finale Samplers From Red Apple® Today!

Wow the crowd with a winning finale for all kinds of events with your Sky Show Finale Sampler packs. Don't know where to start? Check out our ZED-BQ Box™ for your next barbecue, or try our Cobra Box™ with more than 300 shots and 60 minutes of firework fun per sampler. 

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