Ground Effect Samplers®

Ground Effect Samplers®

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Ground Effects Fireworks by Red Apple®

Ground effects fireworks smoke, crackle, sparkle and shimmer low to the ground to wow pyromaniacs of all ages. Our unique, family-friendly ground-based fireworks come in all colors and effects, from neon red and gold to fountain sparkles and glitter strobes.

What Are Ground Effects Fireworks?

Ground effects fireworks are precisely what they sound like — rather than shooting skyward like an aerial firework, they spout strobes and sparkles while popping, fizzing and cracking low to the ground. But they're by no means inferior to their aerial firework friends — they often steal the show! 

There are several kinds of ground effects fireworks, including:

  • Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Smoke bombs
  • Firecrackers
  • Smoke grenades
  • Ground spinners

Ground fireworks shower light anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes. The fountain of pearls, glitter and sparks is exciting to witness from start to finish! 

How Did Ground Effects Fireworks Originate?

Fireworks originated in China during the Song dynasty. The first firework was a flamethrower fashioned from a bamboo stick filled with gun powder. The first firecracker was a rolled paper tube filled with gunpowder and a fuse. They were used to both intimidate enemies and entertain. 

Fortunately, all you need to worry about is entertainment — and maybe one-upping the neighbors' light show! 

How Are Ground Effects Fireworks Used?

You can experience the thrill of an aerial firework up close and personal with waterfall and fountain ground effect fireworks! They're also a great way to bookend an aerial firework display.

Smoke bombs, ground spinners and firecrackers are also perfect for a casual night of fun in the backyard without committing to a large firework display.

Are Ground Effects Fireworks Safe?

Absolutely! All Red Apple® fireworks meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) testing criteria. They're great for pyro lovers of all ages — with proper adult supervision. As with all fireworks, we recommend thoroughly reading the warning and instruction labels before using them. 

Why Order From Red Apple®?

You join a national network of firework enthusiasts when you order your fireworks from our pyro squad at Red Apple®. Learn more about the experience:

  • Fast shipping: With our Stash House™ Ship and Pickup or home delivery options, you can choose the best delivery method for you. Whatever you choose, we offer a flat-rate price for shipping based on your order's size and weight. We also make tracking easy through your Red Apple® account. 
  • Outstanding service: Come and visit us in-store or contact us online with any questions! We have a customer-first approach to service, so we'll go above and beyond to meet your expectations.
  • One-of-a-kind fireworks: We travel the globe regularly to find the highest-quality materials and manufacturers for designing our fireworks, and we do more than just design and create the fireworks. We work hard to craft an unforgettable experience from beginning to end — from fast delivery and fun packaging to the firework finale. Our goal is to delight you! 

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