Must-See Small Fireworks for 2024 | Incredible Power in Tiny Packages!

Hey Pyro Fam! Doug from Red Apple® here, bringing you the most epic small fireworks of 2024 that are big on fun! These tiny titans pack a punch way above their size class, proving that good things come in small packages. Watch as we showcase these little wonders that burst with color and boom with power, perfect for any celebration. Don't let their size fool you; these small-scale stunners will light up your night in a BIG way. Hit play and let these mini marvels blow your mind!


Drone Bombs™ Aerial Spinners

Blast off to the future with Drone Bombs Aerial Spinners! These high-flying aerial spinners bring the thrill of drone tech to your fireworks show, delivering dynamic spins and explosive displays. Each spinner takes flight, creating mesmerizing patterns and bursts that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

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Neon Spinning Flowers™

Light up your party with the Neon Spinning Flowers™! These ground spinners are all about vibrant colors and epic spins. Watch each Spinning Flower burst into a whirlwind of reds, greens, and yellows, turning your event into a visual spectacle that'll leave everyone shook. Perfect for adding that extra magic to any gathering, Spinning Flowers are super easy to use and deliver a show-stopping performance every time.

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Zoom Flowers™ Aerial Spinners

Get ready to watch your celebrations bloom with Zoom Flowers™ Aerial Spinners! These dynamic sky spinners deliver 3 colors and loud zipping effects. Each spinner takes off with a thrilling zoom, creating an unforgettable visual and auditory spectacle that will captivate any audience.

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Jumping Jacks Neon Ground Spinners

Step up your game with Jumping Jacks Neon Ground Spinners! These lil spinners are the wild cards of your fireworks deck, bringing electrifying action to your celebration. Watch as they deal out 3 vibrant colors and rapid spins, turning your backyard into a high-stakes neon spectacle. Easy to use and thrilling for all ages, these spinners are your ace in the hole for any occasion.

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Ronin™ Standard Aerial Finale Sets®

Channel the spirit of the warrior with Ronin™ Standard Aerial Finale Sets®! These powerful aerial finales feature 32 shots of breathtaking brilliance, designed to command the night sky with precision and intensity. Each set delivers an epic display that embodies the strength and discipline of a true Ronin.

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Ghost® Standard Aerial Finale Sets®

Haunt the night sky with the Ghost® Standard Aerial Finale Sets®! Each set includes four cakes, each packing 9 shots of spectral brilliance, totaling 36 shots per set. With 36 aerials per case and a grand total of 324 shots, these ghostly finales will elevate your celebration. Perfect for adding a supernatural touch to any event, these aerial finales promise a breathtakingly spooky show.

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Lazer Kittyz™ Standard Aerial Finale Sets®

Unleash the fierce fun of Lazer Kittyz™ Standard Aerial Finale Sets®! These sets blast 28 shots of pure excitement, featuring 8 effects and 4 different colors. Watch the night sky transform with the agility and precision of a laser-powered kitty. Get your paws on these sets today and let the sky light up with feline ferocity!

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Apple Bombs™ Crackling Balls

Get ready to drop some explosive fun with Apple Bombs Crackling Balls! These powerful little orbs pack a punch, lighting up the night with vibrant colors and intense crackling effects. Each ball bursts into a spectacular display of reds, greens, and golds, creating a symphony of sights and sounds that will captivate any audience. Add these crackling wonders to your fireworks lineup and watch your night explode with excitement!

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Barrel Bombs® XL® Barrage Crackers

Get ready to blow the lid off your celebration with Barrel Bombs® XL® Barrage Crackers! These mega-sized crackers deliver an explosive punch with a barrage of rapid-fire bangs that will leave everyone in awe. Easy to set up and guaranteed to ignite excitement, Barrel Bombs are your go-to for a jaw-dropping, high-energy display.

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Sumo® Snaps Adult Snappers

Prepare for a smackdown with Sumo® Snaps Adult Snappers! These aren't your average snappers—Sumo Snaps pack a heavyweight punch, delivering a loud crack that will surprise and delight. Perfect for adding a fun and unexpected twist to any celebration, these adult snappers are easy to use and sure to impress. Just throw them on the ground and watch the fun unfold. Unleash the sumo-sized fun and let the snaps bring the house down!

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Red Apple® Bombs 1,000 Roll Flash Crackers with 100 Shot Finale

Turn up the heat with Red Apple® Bombs 1000 Roll Flash Crackers with 100 Shot Finale! This explosive pack delivers 1000 rapid-fire flash crackers that crescendo into a mind-blowing 100-shot finale. Perfect for any celebration that needs a serious bang, these flash crackers light up the scene with intense flashes and booming blasts.

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That's all, folks!

We've just wrapped up showcasing the hottest Top Smallest Fireworks from Red Apple®! From pint-sized Finale Sets® to tiny-but-mighty Aerial Spinners, we've got the must-haves for your next lit gathering. But hey, don't sleep on these little legends-keep browsing the site and snag your faves or visit us at any of our 3 locations before they're gone in a flash!

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