Summer Throwback: A LV Lights Game... WITH MIKE!

Summer Throwback: A LV Lights Game... WITH MIKE!

Believe it or not #PyroSquad™, it’s gets super cold in the desert! It's time think warm thoughts & get heated up with some summer nostalgia! Check out this all-new summer throwback video Mike & the Red Apple® Pyro Crew! They put together an amazing end-of-summer show in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month! Check out the game, a stadium tour, and more. Mike even causes a little raucous in the process & ends the night with an epic fireworks finale show!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Mike even runs into llamas for the first time at the stadium as he overcomes his unusual fear and powers through for your sake, folks. Doing everything from greeting fans to spending time with the DJ, your boy Mike watches an excellent game, all while preparing to BRING THE BOOM™ with TONS OF FIREWORKS! And oh man, this show is INSANE!

As we're sure you know, this is not Mike's first venture into the world of futbol/soccer, especially in Las Vegas. Back in August, we showed you Doug & Mike's excellent pyro adventures into a packed house for a game, where the brothers of boom provided their first amazing fireworks show.

Check out that video HERE (or watch below) & we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. You for sure need to check out fireworks finale, which is absolutely gorgeous. Also, don't worry about Mike and the llamas. We already know he's getting one on his next birthday!

We'll catch ya soon, #PyroSquad™!

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