Ready or not, #PyroSquad... here comes the BOOMS! Your boys Mike & Ross are back to bring you all the newest and most epic booms of Red Apple®'s Signature Series! Working together with our friends at Brothers (and a few other fine fireworks crafters), we've compiled some amazing booms into astounding Finale Sets™ that will most definitely #RockYourBlock®!

On this adventure, Mike and Ross load up Mike's truck and head out to their super secret shoot site in the desert and proceed to get #litAF™, blowing up this incredible array of XL® Finale Sets®! And man, if you want some super specials booms that pack a severe punch, you are in for a treat. And with Ross fusing like a madman, you know this show was something special.

In this episode, you'll see these big boy booms:

You can check out our entire line of Signature Series™ products HERE! So make sure that you check them out after you watch the video below. We hope you dig them as much as we do, because these Grande Booms™ were fun to launch! And make sure that you don't miss out on our Big Game Tournament, which you can read about HERE!

We'll see you soon #PyroSquad™!


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