Comparing 5 inch vs 6 inch Firework Mortar Shells

Comparing 5 inch vs 6 inch Firework Mortar Shells

5 Inches v 6 Inches: Is bigger really better?

The answer to that would vary based on who you ask and their idea of the question. Get your head out of the gutter, kid! We are a fireworks company! So you should already know we’re talking about shells.

We get asked frequently, “Red Apple Fireworks, what’s the difference between your 5 Inch XL® Shells and 6 Inch XXL™ Shells?!” Well, there’s a few differences! Get yourself situated, because class is about to begin.

The history of our 6 Inch XXL Shells was developed in direct response to feedback from our customers. Yes, you! Because you matter and your thoughts are valued here at the Red Apple Fireworks family.

For starters, our 6 Inch XXL Shells require a longer 15" launching tube, so you'll get a higher breaking height. You wanted higher breaking shells - you got higher breaking shells!

For 2021, all of our 5 inch XL® Shells & 6 inch XXL™ Shells have been updated with all new custom effect combinations. Each shell kit will feature unique effects... not duplicates here! These effects were designed by Doug, Mike & the Red Apple Team just for you! We offer 6 Inch XXL Shell Kits in 6 packs & 24 packs, and each Kit's effects are now themed. So you get consistent performance while building your show around those effects. Our standards are based on the Global Fireworks Ratings Bureau (GFRB) guidelines, so you'll get the brightest colors and most unique effects available. Believe that!

While we are on the topic of effects, Red Apple 6 Inch XXL Shells have some of the largest stars available on the 1.4G market! The longer 6 inch shell allows for bigger stars which equals bigger breaks & longer burn time. More space comes in handy during production! Bigger is better, eh?

With canister shells, quality performance is all about the compression of the pyrotechnic composition inside. So, we pack the ends of our longer shells with more materials that ensure our shells break from the center, resulting in large spherical breaks that fill up the sky, even though you’re shooting a cylindrical shell.

All of these factors result in Red Apple 6 Inch XXL™ Shells flying higher and exploding more symmetrically with larger breaks containing stars that burn for longer, so you get more of the Red Apple effects you already love. So what do you think? Is bigger really better?

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